Maybe It IS a Jeep thing

The jeep is on its way to being 'beefed' up. Henry's been spending lots of time reading, studying and thinking about how and when he's going to lift it, change it and make it THE jeep.
The temperature in Sedona has been in the 90's almost every day, which is above average for May. A little warm for hiking a trail with no shade, but that's exactly what we did last week. I was insistent that we go hiking; Henry knew it was too warm; but away we went. About a mile into it, I was exhausted. We stopped frequently so I could rest, and we eventually hiked the 3 miles. But, boy, was it warm!
Next week, I just need to choose a trail that has plenty of shade...and maybe along the creek. Henry says we're going to hike A.B. Young trail, which is rated 'strenuous', has 33 switchbacks and climbs 2000 feet in just 2 miles. No problem!
Oh, and I saw my first scorpion! It was inside the visitor center where I work. Lucky for me, a customer was kind enough to kill it for me.
Friends of ours, Padraic and Willie, who are also fulltimers, were in the Sedona area. So, we met them in uptown Sedona and had a great time! They are our age, have been fulltiming for about 6 years and still loving it. She works from 'home', with the internet and her cell phone. He does the cooking and life is good.
That's it from Sedona this week.


Amanda heads home to Alaska

We loved every minute of having Amanda in Arizona with us....but her 10 days here went too fast!...we had to put her on the airplane early this morning, and now she's on her way 'home' for the summer. You know what they say about Alaskans. "they always return." Amanda LOVES Alaska! The mountains, snow, winter, cold....doesn't matter. Alaska is beautiful to her and the place she proudly calls 'home.'
We couldn't understand why she chose a college 4,000 miles away from Anchorage. But, she has completed her freshman year, made some really good friends in South Carolina, and is returning in the fall for her 2nd year. We are so proud of her!
Today, she's returning to the home she's known since the 2nd grade, for a couple months. I am thankful that Brian and Sarah are there for any moral support she may need.
Henry and I headed from Phoenix early this a.m., back to Sedona. We returned home just the two of us...but knowing that our daughter is doing exactly what SHE wants to be doing; and what WE want her to be doing; living her own life.
We love our kids so much and are so proud of them! Brian has worked incredibly hard to earn the position he has today as a Title Officer. He has the support of Sarah, and they have two beautiful children.
Okay, maybe it's the two tiny baby birds in the nest, built UNDER the trailer hitch of our neighbors trailer, or maybe it's because Mother's Day is in a few days....I don't know. I am just thankful for my family.



After the Jeep tour, we drove to Jerome, and had dinner at the Asylum Restaurant. The restaurant is located in the Grand Hotel, which used to be a hospital. The hospital was opened in 1927, closed in 1950 and remained empty until 1994 when the new owners began restoration and turned it into a hotel. There are some that believe ghosts live in the building, hence the reason the restaurant is probably called the "Asylum". Anyway......
The atmosphere was very nice and the food excellent. An end to another perfect day!

"It's a Jeep thing"

Outside the Pink Jeep Tours

from the jeep...doesn't look too bad

from the bottom, looking up...it was pretty rough

The jeep tour was great! A 2 hour jeep ride up to Submarine Rock, Chicken Point, and then down the 'steps', (the roughest part).
What a ride!

Grand Canyon

More of Amanda

The Grand Canyon was definitely GRAND!

Amanda Jo


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Last Thursday we piled into the Volvo truck, loaded with water and snacks, and headed north to see the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful amazing place! As we walked up to the first vantage point of the rim, we all three did one of those 'wow's!' Sensory overload for sure.
We had lunch at Bright Angel Lodge, then drove along the South Rim for 25 miles, stopping at practically every pullout. We wanted to be sure we were seeing every view from every direction possible. The North Rim does not open until May 10th, so we will save that for the next time.
After driving the South Rim, we continued east through the indian reservation towards Cameron and the painted desert. Beautiful country the entire way! Whether it's desert, ocean or forest, we love seeing this great country!