Back To The States

It had been a typical summer in Alaska. Sun, smoke and rain. But, summer is over up there. The leaves had turned and were falling from the trees...so it was time to leave.

We had been on the road eight days and are back in the states now. Yay!! The trip down was good. Weather was great and no problems at Canadian Customs this time. I usually take lots of pictures of the wildlife we see, but not this time. We did see a few black bear, lots of sheep and bison. The bison are not so shaggy and ugly this time of year. And, of course, the sheep are quite a sight to watch as they traverse the rocky mountains with little ease.

What will we do now? As always, we have no concrete plans....except to keep heading towards warmer weather.

I loved being able to see the grandchildren and was even blessed to be able to take them on an out of state trip with me. It was the first time I had seen my youngest, who is almost two years old. She's a little beauty....small and petite, kind of like a china doll. The 5 year old, Evan, is a kick! Smart, well behaved and a riot to hang out with...all boy. My oldest grandchild is now 12, and almost as tall as I am. She's growing in to a beautiful young lady, yet at the same time she is at that awkward age learning who and what she wants to be. Anyway, I would say they were the highlight of my summer and the best part is I've got the memories always.