Obama Is Killing Our Country!

As I read the headlines these days, there is just way too much to digest at once. Obama said he would 'hit the ground running', and indeed that is exactly what he is doing. BUT, as he is spending our tax dollars with gargantuous speed, he is quietly taking away our freedoms, one slice of apple pie at a time. Why don't most people see this? Obama lovers, i.e. liberals, left winged, crunchy granola, tree hugging, new agers and global warming nut cases are so mesmerized by our worthless president that they are blinded by his actions.

Just a couple headliners as recently as of today that should make us shudder:

Tobacco tax goes into effect Wednesday, raising the tax on a single pack of cigarettes from .39c to $1.01. Loose tobacco tax increases from a little over $1.00 to a whopping $24.78!!! They would have you believe this will stop people from smoking. I call BullCRAP! They KNOW people won't quit smoking. As a matter of fact, they're betting on it! The revenues alone from this, $33 billion a YEAR, "will help fund health insurance for children". Yeah, uh-huh.

GM CEO is forced to step down. Obama says 'no more money unless you come up with a viable plan." Again, I call bullCRAP! What I see, is nationalization of our auto industry (government control). Auto warranties will be controlled by the government. The government will offer you a nice little credit for your auto if you will purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle. Come on folks, read between the lines here! It's not rocket science. It's all about control.

Muslims..Sharia Law...buying houses. The state of Minnesota has a new lending law that enables muslims to buy homes in our country according to their law...Sharia Law. Muslims are forbidden to pay interest, so MN. has come up with a lovely program in which the state will purchase homes, and in turn, sell them to muslims with zero interest. Of course, interest will be built in to the mortgage technically, duh. The bigger picture here is Muslims, NOT U.S. citizens will be owning homes in the U.S., under their law! Today Minnesota, tomorrow, all of the U.S.

Prayers. Muslim children are allowed to pull their little prayer mat out 5 times a day, go to the back of the classroom and do their chanting to Allah. BUT, an American child is NOT allowed to pray to God in class. Well, he can, but it cannot disrupt the class. Ya think the little muslim kid is not disrupting the class 5 times a day with his chanting. GET REAL!!

HR 1388. Passed in the House, Passed in the Senate, just awaiting BO's lefty signature! HR 1388 is the new GIVE Act. In other words, 'volunteer service'. Volunteer? Maybe for today. Trust me, now that it has passed, more power to the government, volunteer will turn in to mandatory!

Look this stuff up. It is happening right now, today. Depending on the poll you believe, between 52-64% of stupid Americans think Obama is doing an Oh, Fantastic, wonderful job!!!!
Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.


Old Glory

A perfect day for kite flying

Having some fun at the beach

A ship in the Marina in Newport

Taken through the bridge

The bridge to Newport

Oh boy! What a great place for lunch!
Well, the day began pretty nice with the sun shining as we left Coos Bay and headed towards Winchester Bay (nice quaint little town by the way). But, the further down the road we got, the worst the weather became. As we drove in to Newport it was lunchtime, so found this tiny little place called the Newport Cafe (pictured above). We both had oysters and clam chowder. Awesome food!!! After lunch, we took a drive down Bayfront drive which is the old part of town, filled with little shops and restaurants, and lots of people on spring break.
Unable to find anywhere that to accomodate us for the night, we continued north through Lincoln City to Hwy. 18. Destination for the evening: Spirit Wind Casino. Always zero cost to camp in a casino parking lot. Tomorrow, McMinnville.


Oregon Dunes


More dunes

Jack In The Jeep
(click on photos to enlarge)
Woke up today and it was NOT raining! Yay! We left the RV park and headed for a dry camping spot (free) at the Casino. Hopped in the jeep to the sand dunes. We were the only jeep out there amongst a bunch of ATV's, dirt bikes and sandrails. If the temperature were about 20 degrees warmer, it would be perfect.


Rainy Day on the Oregon Coast

It started raining last night and has not stopped. Dreary, wet, cold...and did I mention wet?


Bastendorff Beach

BlackJack and Dad playing on the beach


Jack loves to run in the sand.

Note: the sun is shining!!

Just a broken rock, as the ocean tide left it

Jack In The Sand, looking to the right

And....looking to the left (isn't he cute!)

A short day today from Myrtle Beach to Bastendorff Beach. Bastendorff is in Charleston, Oregon, which is about 7 miles off the main highway. We are a short walk to the beach and the weather is actually pretty nice today with the sun shining.
We will check out this small town this afternoon and hopefully find the sand dunes to take the jeep on tomorrow.


Southwest Oregon Coast

Camping spot for the night

Great picture of a starfish

several starfish...and...???

Jellyfish (click on images to enlarge)


Interesting sea life.

I know this one! A starfish hanging on to the
rock. It is alive.

View from our motorhome.

BlackJack and Dad running on the beach

Today we traveled all of 208 miles and have stopped for the night at a pullout overlooking the Pacific Ocean in southwest Oregon. The view is phenomenal with the ocean and rocks. Yes, it is cloudy and not very warm. Probably in the low 50's.
We were glad to cross out of California and in to Oregon. So far, we are liking the Oregon Coast much better than the California coast. Could be because California has far too many rules, like:
'share the road with bicycles' - On a very narrow, very winding, 30mph road. Don't think so!
'2 hour limit on parking' - On turnouts off the highway.
'No beach access' - What's the point if you can't walk to the beach?
Oh, Oh, Oh!!! And 'it is illegal to for a man to urinate in the woods'. He may be a sexual predator...give me a break. Men have been peeing on trees in the woods since the beginning of time, and believe me, that is the ONLY thing on their mind.
Anyway, up the Oregon coast we go!

Shelter Cove

Ocean, Snow and a Rainbow

Yup....It is snow. weird, right?

The ocean at Shelter Cove

Pretty pink flowers

More ocean

Mendocino Lighthouse

Check out the deer at the ocean. (ocean in
the background)
Mendocino Tea House in Shelter Cove
We drove the 23 miles to Shelter Cove, hoping to see some sea lions. It was an interesting drive through redwoods, then snow, until the road wound us back down to the ocean's edge. Shelter Cove is a small community with lots of houses of all sizes, but not much in the way of businesses. I think we saw one espresso place, a small grocery store, and that's it. Lots of property for sale which I wouldn't rush out and buy. Of course, California, earthquakes, tsunami...sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.
One the way back to the motorhome we stopped in Del Rio for lunch at the 101 Cafe. Awesome cheeseburger! Then we hit the hail storm, brrr.


Avenue Of The Giants

Giant Redwoods in California

These trees are pretty darned big!

I was inside one of the trees and took this picture.

Even our jeep looks pretty small

And BlackJack? He's happy as long as he's with us.

The Eternal Tree House. We went in this which opens to
a 20' diameter size room.

The Immortal Tree. Estimated to be 2500
years old. Has survived being struck by
lightning, a forest fire in 1908 and a flood
in 1964. The water was approx. 22' deep.

Jack in a Tree

I Love this Picture!

On our way back, we rounded a corner in the middle of
the forest and saw this cemetery. ...then we noticed there
were three deer hanging out, so snapped the picture.
Avenue Of The Giants is a 32 mile scenic drive through the Redwood Forest in California. Weather has been rainy today, but it didn't change the beauty of the redwoods at all.
Tomorrow we're going to check out Shelter Cove, then heading closer to the coast.


Whatever Bernanke...More Lies


Ol' Benny Bernanke is once again saying 'the recession will end this year'.

Last year he said we weren't in a recession, and that our 'economy is fundamentally sound'.

We're listening, Ben! But, we're not believing the lies that seem to roll off your tongue. You keep spinning it, I'm sure there are plenty out there who will buy it.....for now.

Benny Boy, Benny Boy. Give it up. Try the truth. That's what the American people want to hear.


Desert Bar Saloon & Cattail Cove

Desert Bar Saloon...Awesome!

Cattail Cove....Rove Needle

Great View...Cattail Cove

Buckskin Mountain Jeep Run
Yesterday, we rode to the Desert Bar aka Nellie's Saloon. Instead of taking the jeep run, we took the easy route, via a gravel road about 5 miles from the highway. It's still an awesome place in the middle of nowhere. Until you get there, that is. Then, the music from the live band fills the air and people are everywhere....standing in line for a burger or hotdog, or standing in line for a drink. If you're lucky, you'll find a table to enjoy your drink and the music. Otherwise, you'll continue up the hill to yet another level of tables and a group of people playing horseshoes.
The place is open on the weekends only from high noon till dark, so get there early, because it fills up quickly. They've got 48 or more large solar panels generating power to the place, the bathrooms are made of thick rusty iron plates and the burgers can only be ordered one way....well done. No cheese, no special requests. You get it the way they serve it. But it's cheap, $3.00 for a burger, $3.00 for a beer.
The guys went on a jeep run today called Cattail Cove. We did this run last year and had a blast. The picture above is of Rove needle. You can actually crawl through the eye. Anyway, they took both jeeps, were gone about 3 hours and had a great time. Lake Havasu area has some fantastic jeep trails, just wish we had more time to explore them all.