Avenue Of The Giants

Giant Redwoods in California

These trees are pretty darned big!

I was inside one of the trees and took this picture.

Even our jeep looks pretty small

And BlackJack? He's happy as long as he's with us.

The Eternal Tree House. We went in this which opens to
a 20' diameter size room.

The Immortal Tree. Estimated to be 2500
years old. Has survived being struck by
lightning, a forest fire in 1908 and a flood
in 1964. The water was approx. 22' deep.

Jack in a Tree

I Love this Picture!

On our way back, we rounded a corner in the middle of
the forest and saw this cemetery. ...then we noticed there
were three deer hanging out, so snapped the picture.
Avenue Of The Giants is a 32 mile scenic drive through the Redwood Forest in California. Weather has been rainy today, but it didn't change the beauty of the redwoods at all.
Tomorrow we're going to check out Shelter Cove, then heading closer to the coast.

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