Bluebird Wanderlodges

Bedroom in a 1991 Bluebird
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Living, kitchen, and dining
Very nice!!
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In Quartzsite this weekend is the Bluebird Rally, so we went to check it out. There are about 50 Bluebirds there from the 80's to 2007. We actually arrived on the right day at the perfect time, as they had an open house from 2:00-4:00. We were able to check out several of them, on the inside. The one pictured above is a 1991 and is for sale.

The Bluebird Wanderlodges are pretty nice! Pros are: no slides to deal with, no hooking up or unhooking. Cons would be 5.2 mpg, and not nearly as much space, storage or living.

Lots to think about, fun to dream.

Internet Access On The Road

We got rid of our satellite dish and purchased an EVDO air card, so as I'm typing this, we are traveling down the highway at 60 mph. We brought the laptop to check out the air card, and sure enough, it works pretty slick! It is going to be so nice to not have to deal with setting up and taking down the satellite dish, not to mention the precious storage space it took.

On our way to Quartzsite again today. The Bluebirds are having their get together this weekend and we're hoping to see inside a couple more of them.

BTW, Jack in the Box is expensive for breakfast. 2 breakkfast sandwiches, one coffee, $6.05.
We can eat at Cracker Barrel for less than that.


I Admire Their Spirit!


These two young people are an inspiration for anyone considering fulltiming. All it takes is a love of traveling, desire to do it, and the guts to make it happen. Kelly and Josh obviously have what it takes.

Check out their blog for their story.....


Bin Laden's Son Urges 'Talking' For Peace?


You have got to be kidding! George Bush and Bin Laden sitting down at a table over a cup of tea and talking peace? The sound is all too familiar. Many liberals believe that worldwide peace can be achieved if we just 'all love one another' and 'talk about it in a calm fashion.' Aint' never gonna happen, folks!

I find it interesting that out of nowhere comes Bin Laden's son, (who bears a scary resemblance to his crazed father) and he has the solution for peace?

He really should go back to the hole he crawled out of.

Off topic, I know, but....



We saw 6 to 8 Wanderlodges...they are gathering
for their rally next weekend and are expecting
60-70 of them! We even got a tour inside one of
them. Pretty cool!

Took the Volvo for a day trip to Quartzsite. The show opened yesterday, and wow! Motorhomes of all sizes parked in the desert, people milling around everywhere, and nowhere to park.

Of course, we did find somewhere to park, then away we went, in to the Big Tent, where all the vendors are setup. We spent all day looking, eating, and even ran in to a few people we know. One couple we had worked with two summers ago in Sedona, another couple we were parked next to in Yuma.

BlackJack got lots of attention (as he always does) from most everyone. Must be because he is just so darned cute!

We really enjoy Quartzsite and the excitement, so it was a fun day. AND....on the way there, guess who drove the truck? ME! I definitely need to drive it more often, but what fun!



Already 6 days in to a new year! My mom always said that the older you get, the faster time goes by.....how true!

We are back in Yuma after a quick trip to Phoenix. An entire day spent waiting for the repair on our truck. We needed a new kingpin, which is about a 4 hour job. Also had the truck aligned and got an oil change. I loved being able to see our daughter again, so the traffic in Phoenix was worth it.

The truck is ready for another long trip (and so am I), so at the end of this month we will start down the road again. Vegas sounds like fun....a stop in Laughlin for a couple days, maybe Reno....then west in to California?

Life is Good!!