How 'bout that puppy? Isn't he cute?

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We have been enjoying our time here in colorado, visiting with my parents. We've played cards, been enjoying lots of good food, and even had a great evening with my cousins. It's been good to catch up with everyone.
On Saturday, We plan to take the truck to Michigan to visit Henry's brother. Then we will return to Colorado, pick up the trailer and head towards Washington state.


Dri Wash 'n Guard Testimonial

We received this email this morning from a customer that purchased Dri Wash 'n Guard from our web page.

"Have done the entire trailer (whew, a lot like cleaning the outside of your house!) And the Dri Wash & Guard worked Great! I am very pleased with the result and it looks like future cleaning will be a lot easier! Thanks for the help. Dennis"

He is right! All future cleanings will be a lot easier, because he has polished and protected the surface of his trailer. Any dirt from this point will come off so much easier.

Henry flew out yesterday to CA. for training and will be gone until Friday evening. I am enjoying spending time with my parents, learned a new card game that is pretty fun, and am thrilled to be away from the needle grass and the water of New Mexico!



We have finally arrived in Colorado, after an eventful departure from Lakewood. We are barely 200 miles down the road, decided to stop for dinner, and noticed a strong 'paint' smell. Of course, it wasn't paint, but diesel. We pulled in to the parking lot at a mall, Henry took a look under the hood and discovered diesel spraying all over the outside of the engine block. He spent several minutes checking everything out, and determined we had a ruptured fuel line.

Long story short, we spent the night and most of the following day in a mall parking lot in Santa Fe. But....Henry fixed it himself (because he is so talented), it only cost $41.00, instead of over $300, as we were quoted, and we were back on the road to Colorado!

So, we had a wonderful dinner at my Mom and Dad's this evening. Mom had a Birthday dinner, complete with mashed potatoes (my all the time favorite 'in the world' food), cake and presents, too! It's good to see them, and I am so thankful they are looking well.

Henry leaves Monday for his training in California, and I will stay here for a few days of visiting with my folks.

BlackJack did fantastic on his first real 'road trip'. He seemed a bit confused the first night, but settled right in.


Yay! Visitors!

A Peterbilt pulling a beautiful Teton pulled in to the park today. Smokey and Pam, our Dri Wash 'n Guard upline directors, came to pay us a visit. It's wonderful seeing familiar faces and we are thrilled they are here!

We had a great time this evening visiting with them and are looking forward to spending the next few days getting better educated about the Dri Wash 'n Guard business opportunities.

Meanwhile, weather remains weird. Sunny one day, dark and windy the next. And the good news is....we hitch up and pull out on the 15th....hooray!


Beautiful Sunset in Lakewood

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What an amazing sunset tonight!

Our plans have changed again which have us leaving here on the 15th. Henry will be attending a training in California while I'm visiting my parents in Colorado.

It seems our original plans always tend to change, which is okay with us, because isn't that part of the fun? We can be flexible and alternate destinations or vias are always okay.