Dri Wash 'n Guard Testimonial

We received this email this morning from a customer that purchased Dri Wash 'n Guard from our web page.

"Have done the entire trailer (whew, a lot like cleaning the outside of your house!) And the Dri Wash & Guard worked Great! I am very pleased with the result and it looks like future cleaning will be a lot easier! Thanks for the help. Dennis"

He is right! All future cleanings will be a lot easier, because he has polished and protected the surface of his trailer. Any dirt from this point will come off so much easier.

Henry flew out yesterday to CA. for training and will be gone until Friday evening. I am enjoying spending time with my parents, learned a new card game that is pretty fun, and am thrilled to be away from the needle grass and the water of New Mexico!


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P.S. Cindy, we moved to L-48 so want to update you. But computer fried/died AGAIN. Took all addresses and phone numbers with it. Please email me at the address I've had for years; it will still reach me. Hope you're celebrating your big day!