Down She Goes...The Economy, That Is

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Barclay's warns of a financial storm. Fortis warns of a market crash. Royal Bank of Scotland has made the same warning. And what is the Fed doing? Nothing. Oh yes, and congress went on vacation to enjoy the 4th of July...without doing a thing. They failed to act on the housing package. They failed to act on the energy crisis. C'mon guys....the stock market continues to fall. We are in for a long haul as the world economy teeters. Since the beginning of this year, the Dow is down 14%. The Nasdaq is down 13%. S&P 500 down 13% as well. Guess it's every man for himself, for what it's worth.

People are losing their jobs. Small businesses are closing their doors. Even big stores are closing their doors all across the country...Home Depot, Lane Bryant, Foot Locker, Gap, to name a few. Thousands of people in the midwest have lost their homes and their crops...so we can expect food prices to continue to rise, along with the price of oil.

How 'bout those airlines? Holy cow! They are now charging for your checked bags, soda, window seats, aisle seats, and I just read they are going to be charging frequent flyers a surcharge! Plus, some airlines are not only laying employees off, but they are also cutting flights.

Las Vegas. Wow! Some of the casinos are closing their buffets, because they can't justify the cost anymore.

Latest gas price as of today: Average price per gallon: $4.10. California paying $4.57 per gallon.

Yet, the talking heads continue to keep us in LaLa land with their words of optimism. Do not believe that everything is going to be okay....things are about to get a lot worse.

Hang on....it's going to be a rough ride.


Awesome Day!

We spotted this guy just standing oh so still....

the highlight of the day. A gorgeous fawn on the road!

She was adorable...big ears....little white spots....

BlackJack and Dad checkin' out the jeep

Putting the windshield down


6800' elevation. But what a sight!

Lots of snow runoff everywhere...

And our jeep found some mud!

When we left this morning it was 82 degrees in town. We were headed to the mountains for a little cooler weather and hopefully see some wildlife, run through some mud and maybe even climb a rock or two. When we arrived back in town, several hours later, it was 96 degrees! She's a hot one baby!

The little blue jeep is ready to rock and roll. It's now got a roll cage! We packed a lunch, several bottles of water and BlackJack. He was harnessed and hooked, the jeep locked and loaded, and we were ready for some fun. One quick stop to fill our tank ($4.13/gallon) and grab a bag of ice, and we were heading out of town towards Tampico. The higher in altitude we got, the cooler the temperature, but surprisingly, it was still very warm. I love just getting out on some dirt roads where there is actually scenery to look at, and always the hope of spotting a deer or elk.....or maybe a mountain lion!

Because our jeep is fully open, we get to take in all the wonderful scents of the outdoors! I absolutely love it! Incredibly tall pine trees are everywhere here, so the scent of pine is all around us as we drive. Then we notice a carpet of gorgeous purple low lying flowers mixed in with a cute yellow bloom. But the scent is what I love! I think it's plumeria or gardenia. My husband thinks it's honeysuckle. We both know it is not the purple or the yellow flowers we are seeing, but yet we are not seeing anything else.....only smelling it.... .and it is fantastic!!

Maybe I just haven't been out much lately, and that's why I loved today, but I know that's not it. I have always loved a drive in to the woods, or to the ocean...the smells...the sights....

And the wildlife! Oh my gosh! Like my husband said, the exclamation point of our day was the little baby fawn we spotted right in front of us on the road as we were heading down the mountain. I don't where its mom was, we never saw her....but I am sure she was nearby. That little baby was adorable! Wish I could have gotten better pictures to do it justice.

That was our day today!! BlackJack had a good time, too, but I think we wore him out, because right now he is out like a light.


Knee Injury Update

Okay, it has been 3 1/2 months since that lady fell off the horse and I cushioned her fall. Why didn't I just step away and let HER hit the ground??

The doctor had a second MRI done, which according to him, everything looks fine. So, as of a week ago, he has me walking without the crutches. He has also referred me to a Psyiatrist. I had to look it up, because have never heard of a psyiatrist. Anyway, they are a rehabilitation and pain management doctor. They specialize in teaching people with disabilities to learn to live with their disability. So, does that mean my doctor is ruling me 'disabled'? This is my life now? This is as good as it gets....so learn to live with it?

I am not really sure and won't jump to any hasty conclusions until I see the psyiatrist....which as I found out today will not be until August 7th! Reason being: the original psyiatrist cannot see me because she is not contracted with the insurance company, so I will be seeing someone else...but not till Aug. 7th.

Still going to physical therapy 3 days a week. What a slow process that is. To give you an idea. When I started therapy well over 6 weeks ago, my leg extension was measured at -10 degrees, and my 'bending' measured at 90 degrees. Today, leg extension is -8 degrees, and 'bending' at 100 degrees. (My good leg bends at 155 degrees - good leg extension should be zero degrees).

It's a little hard to walk when the bad leg is basically shorter than the good leg, considering it is 'bent'. But, walk I'm trying to do.

This has got to be the most frustrating thing ever. I know, it could be worse. But like I said, I should have stepped away from the horse and let that chick hit the ground! Word of advice to everyone: ALWAYS listen to your instincts. Everything that day told me to NOT GO to that horse farm. I didn't want to go, had no desire to go, but 'go' I did. And here I am today.

It has cost us money....we have spent more than the insurance company so far. Between lost wages for my husband, medical expenses denied by the insurance company and taxi fares to and from therapy.....not to mention the money I could have been earning, because I would have been working for the past 3 1/2 months.

Anyway, that is the long and short of it.


Drill ANWR

This is what ANWR really looks like!

Bears playing on the Alaska Pipeline

Plenty of Caribou - No impact whatsover!

My daughter is fed up with the high price of fuel and supports drilling in ANWR. Her determination has her taking action and she is working on setting up her own website to support the drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The Democrats today are saying it will take 10 years if we start drilling in ANWR now. Two things on this statement that I would like to remind them of:

1. If Bill Clinton had NOT vetoed drilling in ANWR in 1995, oil would be flowing today, thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
2. With today's technology, it will not take 10 years. Some say within 2 years.

I heard on the news yesterday that 67% of Americans are now in favor of offshore drilling. Even John McCain has changed his position and is calling for the ban to be lifted on offshore drilling. Funny, isn't it? 67% of Americans are okay with it now....could it be because it's hitting them a little hard in the pocketbook? I think so!

Unfortunately, the Democrats are also talking about nationalizing the oil refineries. Bad idea! Sounds like more Government control to me...and we all know what greed does...especially to our Government. Can you imagine what the price of gas would be if our Government gets their hands on it?

I blame the environmentalists for not drilling in ANWR. As you can see from the pictures above, the caribou and bear are surviving and thriving well with the pipeline as their playground. And, for them to say that ANWR is pristine land and should remain untouched is such a crock of crap. Obviously, none of them (McCain included) have never been there.

For all the 'greenies' out there that feel you are doing your part, look at this SHORT list of some of the products we use every day that are byproducts of oil:

Fertilizers (farms/food supply), medicines, plastics, insulation, computers, asphalt, inks & toners, paints, glues, solvents, antiseptics, golf balls, CDs trash bags, nail polish, detergents, chewing gum, etc.

So, unless you're willing to go back to the horse and buggy, take a hard look at what it is you're really saying. Take Al Gore for example. Mr. 'I'm going green'...'save the earth' himself. He invested a lot of money on his house in Tennessee by installing solar panels and whatever else to reduce his dependence on energy. Interestingly enough, this past year he used 12% MORE electricity than he did last year. ???!!!

Drill ANWR and do it now.


Stock Market Crash

Click on the title to read another alarming article...this one by Morgan Stanley warning of a 'catastrophic event'

The Dow is down -129 today. The S & P off by -11. It's not looking good. Each day the Dow is down a bit....a gradual decline...for today, again. I honestly believe the market is manipulated by speculators anyway. If we were to see the 'real' picture, we'd probably be looking at 6,000, not 12,000.

They can't just keep the printing presses running, can they? It is not my intention to sound an alarm of doom and gloom, but come on folks! We all know that CNN and FOX News convince us it's not all really that bad. Yet, we've got soaring gas prices, soaring food prices, an ongoing war in Iraq.....and now major flooding in the midwest. Corn crops destroyed translate to higher food prices.

Airlines are in trouble. Trucking companies in trouble. FedEx is in trouble. Homeowners are in trouble. No need to worry? I, for one, am definitely concerned. But, as many will have you believe: "America is the strongest country, we will bounce back." Oops! Have they forgotten that we, as a country, have already sold out to foreign countries. We get our oil from other countries. We get our products from overseas. (isn't everything 'made in china'?) We have shipped our jobs to foreign countries. Hell, we even get some of our food from overseas. Oh yes, we also have sent our corn to third world countries, (humanitarium) thereby reducing our reserves drastically. If it wasn't all so ludicrous, it would almost be funny. Not!


Global Stock And Credit Crash Alert

Click on the title to read article by the Royal Bank of Scotland

I know, I know, you can't take to heart and believe everything you read. BUT.....if you really stop and think about it......A crash of the stock market is not too far fetched.

So, I post this article as a 'heads up', 'be alert', 'pay attention' kind of warning.


Another Celebrity Walks Away A Free Man

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Whether this guy is actually guilty or innocent is obviously a moot issue considering he was just acquitted and walked away a free man.

The prosecution put 22 witnesses on the stand. The defense put 12 witnesses on the stand. The trial took 7 days and the jury decided in less than 2 days.....the defendant was acquitted on all 14 counts.

Let's suppose for a minute that this rapper celebrity was not a celebrity at all, and was just an ordinary joe who was accused of child pornography. Let's suppose this ordinary joe could only scrape up enough money for a mediocre attorney....and of course, we know the case would not attract media attention. I'd bet that a jury would send the 'ordinary joe' to prison in a heartbeat.

What it all really comes down to with our judicial system is this: If you have the money to buy your way out of a crime, you have no worries. However, if you are an 'ordinary joe', you might as well start walking to the prison, cuz the door's going to close behind you....for a long time.

Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, O.J. Simpson and now this rapper guy...to name a few celebrities that walked away from crimes we all know they committed. How did it happen? Money, power.

I happen to know someone that has been sitting in prison for almost 4 years now and is serving a 15 year sentence for a crime he did NOT commit. He had an expensive, experienced criminal defense attorney who sold this man 'down the river' in favor of another client. The attorney failed to call any witnesses, not even the defendant himself. The prosecutor called a witness...the alleged victim whose testimony had more holes in it than swiss cheese. The jury deliberated in less than one day, and delivered a guilty verdict.

Innocent until proven guilty? Not with our judicial system. It's all about money. If the guy I know had half a million dollars he could fight the appeal and most likely win his freedom. (this information came from someone willing to take his case) But, he doesn't have that kind of money, nor does he have celebrity status. He's just an ordinary guy that was railroaded by our so called 'just' judicial system. There is nothing 'just' about any of it.

Food Lines In Tennessee

Click on title for an interesting short video

Don't believe for a minute that all is well with our economy. Families standing in line for food right here in our country...these are not lazy leaches...they are average Americans who have lost their jobs and/or can no longer afford to buy milk AND gas for their families. Please look at the video.

When the price of oil goes up, prices at the pump go up. When the price of oil goes down....prices at the pump still go up. Does it make sense to you?

The stock market goes down 400 in one day, up 100 the next...another 70 the following day.
And the media continues to paint a somewhat rosy picture.

I believe the real truth is being kept from us. There's nothing rosy at all about our economy. 1 in 43 houses across our nation are in foreclosure. Gas is over $4.00/gallon with no relief in sight. Now, with the awful flooding in the midwest, expect food prices to rise even more. And, if we see one major hurricaine this year, everything skyrockets.

Everyone is watching the Presidential election...Obama or McCain? The young charismatic inexperienced guy, or the old, boring experienced one? No good choices in my opinion. Yet the more important issues such as our collapsing economy are being overshadowed because the buzz is all about Obama and McCain.


Paper Or Plastic? Remember When....

A-typical water bottle
plastic Coke bottle
Roll of plastic bags

Remember when, 'paper or plastic' used to be the question at the checkout stand? Back then, the 'tree huggers', environmentalists, crunchy granolas....whatever you care to call them, were pushing the plastic on us. Why? Because, they told us we were killing a tree every time we used a paper bag. It was all about saving the planet.
So, we eventually succumbed, and have been hauling our groceries to our cars in plastic bags for the past 20 years. Everything comes in a plastic bag today. From our groceries to the bag of macaroni to doggy poop bags. But NOW, guess what???

Now, they say, the plastic bags are ruining our environment. What!? Yup. Our highways are littered with these pesky plastic bags. I don't know all the reasons why the liberal whackos have flip flopped on this....I do, however, know that plastic bags are a byproduct of crude oil...for what it's worth.

Then we have the plastic water bottles. You know. We all drink our bottled water from these cute little plastic bottles. Hey, we didn't decide to put the water in plastic bottles. It's what's on the shelf and we buy it. Period. Soda used to be in glass bottles. Remember the cool Coca-Cola bottles? Then, somewhere through the years, someone, probably another liberal whacko, decided the glass bottles were polluting our environment. So, they started putting soda in plastic. But, those darn plastic bottles (like the plastic bags) are not good for our health, not good for our planet, just plain not good! Well, that's what the 'experts' are telling us....today.

Frankly, I'm about fed up with it all. Which reminds me, drilling in ANWR. Remember Bill Clinton? In 1995 , Clinton vetoed drilling in ANWR. Had he not, oil would be flowing through pipes today, thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Today, the Democrats are saying....'there would be no point in drilling ANWR now, because it would take too long.' Idiots!!

Flooding in Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin....expect even higher food prices.
Gas Prices: National average as of today: $4.05/gallon. No need to worry though. The Energy Department says gas should stay around $4.00/gallon through 2009. Whew. Thanks guys. Do they really think we are so stupid as to believe anything at all that comes out of Washington?
Barack Obama: What a scary guy. Even scarier thought....the american people LOVE him.

Our country has been in the toilet for a long time, but I think someone has their hand on the handle... and they're getting ready to flush.


Dow Tanks, Oil up to $138.54

It's getting downright scary.

Dow's down -407.75 as I post this.
Oil up to $138.54 - up $10.75 in just one day!
Gas is over $4.00 a gallon in most cities
An attack on Iran is most likely to happen THIS YEAR


Oil predictions are: $150 by the 4th of July....we're looking at $5.00/gallon without a doubt.
Jobs drop 5%.
Foreclosures up 60%.
Global gas riots.
Global food riots.

Now wait a minute! Haven't the talking heads and politicians and the Fed been telling us we are NOT in a recession, the economy is growing....?? Yeah, okay guys.

Oh Hell, let's just all go and hug a tree!!


The Knee Injury Saga Continues

"Let's do another MRI! And...then, we will see if there's any damage to the bones. And, we will see how large that Baker's cyst is. And, we will confirm there are no torn ligaments. And, then, we may have to go in the operating room and see what's going on. Because, I was expecting to see much more improvement by this time."

'Wise' words that came from the doctor today.

Is this whole thing a joke? Or maybe just a really bad dream? THREE MONTHS of walking on these damn crutches. Three months of not being able to bend or straighten my leg. Three months of no answers from doctors. If there are no torn ligaments, no BROKEN bones, then why in the hell am I not able to walk?

Oh, by the way, Insurance companies suck! You can't get through to them....they don't return phone calls or emails....you can't get the same information twice....you can't get reliable information because they have idiots working for them.....AND....you will grow old and die before they even review your claim. You will be buried 6 feet under with dying carnations at the foot of your headstone before they write the checks.

One more by the way. I am so sick and tired of not being able to do simple every day things. Can't stand on the chair to dust the wood valances or ceiling fan. Can't vacuum. Can't walk the garbage to the dumpster. Can't drive. Can't work. Can't go to the grocery store alone. Can't sleep through the night. Can't run and play with my dog. Can't wear shorts because my upper leg has lost all muscle tone and it looks disgusting. Can't carry 6 bottles of water to the refrigerator...(it takes 3 trips one way). Can't make a trip to Oregon to see my granddaughter. Can't take a flight to Anch. to see my grandson and newest granddaughter. Can't go hiking. Can't go geocaching. Can't go jeeping. Can't get in our truck.

On the bright side...I am able to clean the shower now..it takes only 2 hours. And, I can change the sheets on the bed....takes about 45 minutes. So, I guess I'm adapting.....the bummer is.....IF I was enduring all of this hell as a result of my own stupidity....like skiing, for example. OR bungi jumping, or whitewater rafting, then OKAY. I'd probably be in a cast for a couple months, then I'd be on the road to recovery. Hmmm.....as I ponder this....I'd be in better shape if I had injured myself as a result of my own stupidity.


$8.00 A Gallon??!! Obama as President??! Yikes!

If the Climate Bill passes the Senate, we could be looking at $8.00 a gallon! Yikes!

And....have you heard that some Clinton donors are now giving their money to McCAIN??!!

BTW, Obama will most likely be our next president! As much as I didn't care for Hillary Clinton, I would have much preferred she won the Democratic Nomination.....Barack Obama as President is ONE scary scenario! Please go to http://www.truthaboutobama.org/ to learn about this racist candidate. The american people have made a huge mistake, and we as a country, are about to embark on a journey never before seen in our history as a country.

Let's look:

Obama has been a member of Trinity Church of Christ for the past 20 years.
He was married in the church. His children were baptized by Reverend Wright.
Trinity Church has received $15 Million in the past 15 years from OUR U.S. Government!!
A church (non profit) receiving grants from the government? What is going on!
Reverend Wright is an extreme racist against white people...his words speaks for themselves.
Obviously, Obama has agreed with Reverend Wright's preaching or he wouldn't have been sitting in his church for the past 20 years. You ARE like the people you run with!
Obama has never served in the military.
His political career....a short 11 years....the last 4 years as a weak senator.
What bills has he sponsored, supported? None!
Is he really a Muslim? I believe he is. *watch and wait.
Is his wife really racist as is claimed? I believe she is. *time will confirm.

I understand how the american people are fed up with the current adminstration and the toll the Iraqi war has taken.....but PLEASE, let's not be completely stupid here, people! John McCain may not be young, he may not be charismatic...but he does have experience in diplomatic affairs. Please vote Republican in November!

Sidenote: BlackJack's golf ball count: 41!


Jack A** Trail

The road in front of us as we started out...dry and sunny

And then this. End of the road for us.

Yesterday we took a drive to Ahtanum. Beautiful day, sunny and warm. We met up with a couple guys who were camping for the weekend. They had four wheelers and asked if we wanted to ride up Jack Ass Trail with them. So away we went. You can tell from the first picture everything looked great. But, as we got further up the mountain into higher altitude, the dirt road was wet from snow runoff....then we ran into 'the snow'. You would think from looking at the picture that it should have been no problem for us to plow through, right? After all, our jeep is 4 wheel drive, has great tires on it, and an even better driver at the wheel.

Pictures don't always tell the whole story, because the snow was saturated with water, and very slushy. You can see our tracks as we attempted to 'plow' through it, but to no avail. The four wheelers had no problem.....we, on the other hand, ended up having to back down the way we came...there was no place to turn around with the mountain on one side and a drop off on the other.

It was fun anyway just to get out! I did learn however, that riding in the jeep for a couple hours with my knee got pretty painful....so when we got home, I took a hot shower and had a Malibu martini with two olives.

This whole knee thing has turned in to a major pain in the A**!

Oh Yes!! And....Yet another use for duct tape. A cup holder!!!
Works pretty sweet.