Another Celebrity Walks Away A Free Man

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Whether this guy is actually guilty or innocent is obviously a moot issue considering he was just acquitted and walked away a free man.

The prosecution put 22 witnesses on the stand. The defense put 12 witnesses on the stand. The trial took 7 days and the jury decided in less than 2 days.....the defendant was acquitted on all 14 counts.

Let's suppose for a minute that this rapper celebrity was not a celebrity at all, and was just an ordinary joe who was accused of child pornography. Let's suppose this ordinary joe could only scrape up enough money for a mediocre attorney....and of course, we know the case would not attract media attention. I'd bet that a jury would send the 'ordinary joe' to prison in a heartbeat.

What it all really comes down to with our judicial system is this: If you have the money to buy your way out of a crime, you have no worries. However, if you are an 'ordinary joe', you might as well start walking to the prison, cuz the door's going to close behind you....for a long time.

Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, O.J. Simpson and now this rapper guy...to name a few celebrities that walked away from crimes we all know they committed. How did it happen? Money, power.

I happen to know someone that has been sitting in prison for almost 4 years now and is serving a 15 year sentence for a crime he did NOT commit. He had an expensive, experienced criminal defense attorney who sold this man 'down the river' in favor of another client. The attorney failed to call any witnesses, not even the defendant himself. The prosecutor called a witness...the alleged victim whose testimony had more holes in it than swiss cheese. The jury deliberated in less than one day, and delivered a guilty verdict.

Innocent until proven guilty? Not with our judicial system. It's all about money. If the guy I know had half a million dollars he could fight the appeal and most likely win his freedom. (this information came from someone willing to take his case) But, he doesn't have that kind of money, nor does he have celebrity status. He's just an ordinary guy that was railroaded by our so called 'just' judicial system. There is nothing 'just' about any of it.

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