I was emailed several pictures of my son and his three children taken on Christmas day. They look like they were having the time of their life and enjoying each other. While I always love seeing pictures of my grand kids, the ones that stood out the most were pictures of my son. After his horrific summer of being so ill, I still had imprinted in my mind a mental picture of him lying in the hospital bed. Today, he looks healthy again and smiling from ear to ear. It thrills my heart. He has more weight to gain before he will be back to his normal weight, but wow! He's off to a great start! Thank God for healing him and giving him back to his wife and children.

Meanwhile, back in Phoenix, our daughter attended her first ever, in person, Bruins game. As you can see, she is all decked out in Bruins colors.....oh,and they won!


Spoiled rotten

Warning** some not so nice language below, but wow. Some tweets from a bunch of ungrateful, spoiled brats! And I use that term loosely. There are dozens, if not hundreds of comments just like these, but I am only posting a few.
These young people were either never disciplined as children or spoiled to the ninth degree. If my child behaved in that manner, you can be damn sure that'd be the last gift they'd ever receive from me.

This behavior has become a pattern among the younger generation as a whole. Just take a look at the mayhem that occurred this past weekend over a pair of tennis shoes! People trampled on, property destroyed and one guy beaten to a pulp as the thieves tore the shoes right off his feet.

This is the generation that will lead our country. Frightening.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas, all! I wish for everyone to have a joyous holiday season and to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. I, for one, will be happy when 2011 is over and am looking forward to a brighter year in 2012.

This year has been quite eventful in our life and the lives of my family. I swear something awful has touched everyone I love this year. From my son's illness, two car accidents, our daughter and Henry, my Mom's illness that is today still undiagnosed as she gets sicker and weaker, the end of our daughter's five year relationship with her boyfriend, and my oldest granddaughter's move back to Alaska after enduring a year of emotional turmoil with her stepdad.

Despite the bad, we have been so blessed in many ways as well. Henry's job, the purchase of our condo, I was able to visit my grand kids and my son in Alaska, Amanda has been here twice for visits and she will be spending Christmas with us for three days and then returning here to celebrate New Year's as well. We are excited to see her and have lots of fun things planned.

If there is one thing I know, it is that God and family are most important. Without either, I don't know how I would have been able to handle everything.

I haven't been posting to this blog on a regular basis, and most likely will not be from here on, for many reasons. It is difficult for me to stay off the political issues because they are issues I am passionate about, but I understand people get tired of hearing it. Because we aren't full timing anymore and have settled in one location, that's a bit boring to post about.

Parting words.... Please vote for whomever the GOP nominee is, regardless of any misgivings you may have about him. That is the only way to get rid of Obama. This country will not survive four more years of him. To my liberal friends: do your country a favor and don't vote at all!!!! I blame every bleeding heart liberal for the mess Obama has made, and begging people to wake up is getting old. Liberals won't wake up because they're not bright enough to see the bigger picture, enough said.


Hockey Game

Delivered today! Our Bruins/Dallas Stars hockey tickets for New Years Eve! We will be doing Christmas with our daughter over New Year's. I am so excited, can hardly wait!

To get downtown to the game, rather than driving, we will be taking the DART bus, then the DART train. A 52 minute ride one way, which is a long time considering we are pretty close to downtown from the condo. But we will give it a try.


The Cain train has derailed

Yup. Herman Cain is out. I don't know if the allegations are true or not, but I do know the media and others certainly have the power to destroy and crucify if they desire....or rather,if they're directed to.

Rick Perry doesn't stand a chance.
So, we've got Romney and Gingrich. The others are so low on the totem pole, they'll likely just fade to black.

I don't like Romney at all and Gingrich, I don't trust. Where is Col. Allen West? He's who we need.