I was emailed several pictures of my son and his three children taken on Christmas day. They look like they were having the time of their life and enjoying each other. While I always love seeing pictures of my grand kids, the ones that stood out the most were pictures of my son. After his horrific summer of being so ill, I still had imprinted in my mind a mental picture of him lying in the hospital bed. Today, he looks healthy again and smiling from ear to ear. It thrills my heart. He has more weight to gain before he will be back to his normal weight, but wow! He's off to a great start! Thank God for healing him and giving him back to his wife and children.

Meanwhile, back in Phoenix, our daughter attended her first ever, in person, Bruins game. As you can see, she is all decked out in Bruins colors.....oh,and they won!

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Renee and Dave said...

A belated response, but it's SO GOOD to hear that Brian is doing so much better. I don't think I've seen a photo of him before, but he sure looks great in this one.

All best wishes for his continued recovery & improving health. Oh, and hope you & Henry are doing well, too!