DNA Frees Yet Another Wrongfully Convicted

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Yes, this is another case (different from an earlier post). This poor guy has always claimed his innocence from day 1!

Nobody listened...2 'eyewitnesses' said he did it. Over the years, one eyewitness has recanted. The second eyewitness's testimony was not credible. But that did not stop a zealous prosecutor and a jury from convicting this man to life in prison.

With a big Thank You to The Innocence Project, his innocence has been proved and he is now a free man. Were it not for the hard work and compassion exhibited by The Innocence Project, so many men and women who have been wrongfully convicted would die in prison for crimes they did not commit.

While we listen to Fox News filling the airwaves with the Fed's latest rate cut, Obama's denouncement of his former pastor and fuel prices are going higher.......a man who just spent the last 27 years of his life in prison has finally been proclaimed innocent! Our judicial system failed this man, as it has done with thousands of other men and women.....

But, shhhh! God forbid, they let the news be broadcast on the national media networks. As I said before, that would be an admission of their incompetence and our seriously flawed judicial system. Even the bleeding heart liberals don't seem to give a damn about the injustice being committed in our country.

By the way, this makes the 18th man freed in the State of Texas alone! It doesn't speak very highly of Texas, does it?


BP Profits up 63%!

...and Shell Profits up 25%. Just saw these numbers on Fox News...now that we have DirecTV.

The price at the pump continues to skyrocket...the oil companies pocket huge profits.

Same story, just a different day. Yeah, yeah, what can you do...what can you say.

As O'Reilly would say. 'what say you?'

Chocolate Croissants

Our daughter made these from a very simple recipe, so I thought I would pass it along. She made them in the morning while getting ready for work.....and took them in to share with her coworkers. She said they were delicious and everybody loved them! So, here is the recipe:

1 package Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
chocolate chips

Unroll crescent rolls and separate. Put 4-6 chocolate chips at wide end of each triangle, roll up.

Bake as directed.

Doesn't get any easier than that, right? She had another suggestion that she is going to try next time: instead of chocolate chips, use strawberry preserves, or cream cheese.

Side note: BlackJack's golf ball count: 21. It's becoming quite the collection.


Looks Like I'm Not The Only One

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Sounds to me like the State of Texas may have made an unconstitutional call when they allowed Child Protective Services to remove the children from the compound. Whatever happened to getting all the facts before acting? Oh, that's right, it's Child Protective Services, they can do what they want! Don't be fooled, they do not have the best interest of families in mind. They are funded by our federal government...the more children they place, the more money they get. This year the state of Texas will receive over $736,000 federal funds. Check out their website here to learn more...like the process of 'investigating' before removing a child!
CPS is a scary governmental agency with too much power. They tear families apart, often times with no evidence at all.....just accusations. And, once you are in their system, you are most likely there indefinitely....remember the children in Florida that got 'lost' in the system. The State of Florida CPS didn't have a clue where those children were! I bet that problem occurs in several states.

Now CPS in Texas have 462 children scattered all around the State of Texas....separated from siblings, separated from their mothers. It's shameful to say the least.

BlackJack Update...again

Okay, so the picture was taken in February....but Jack hasn't changed...he's still the same size and cute as ever.

We finally decided if he wasn't going to eat anything at all, we couldn't let him starve....so, we started giving him small quantities of chicken or beef....and of course, he ate it!

So, we've been giving him meat (even though the vet said he shouldn't have any), and he has not had any ill effects whatsoever. He gets steak, hamburger, pork chops, lamb and chicken.

I know, he's spoiled, right? Yeah, maybe he is, but at least he's eating, and he seems fine.

One more thing, his golf ball collection at last count is 19, and growing. I found a basket to put them in and they have their place in the living room. BlackJack is okay with them being in the basket, but don't dare touch them....it freaks him out. I have no clue as to what we will do with all of them at the end of summer, as who knows how many he will have collected by that time. I may have to get a larger basket and sell them at $1.00 a piece....maybe use the money for diesel in the truck?


Rattlesnake Hills

The Yakima Valley and surrounding areas are well known for their wineries, and this weekend is the annual Spring Barrel Tasting. A tour of the vineyards and tasting rooms begins at Rattlesnake Hills with 15 wineries; and that's just a small sampling! Visit their website by clicking on the title above.

Sounds like loads of fun, but I don't know about going. Getting around on crutches where there are lots of people can be challenging, plus I feel like I'm slowing everyone down...but we've got a couple days to think about it.

For The Sake Of The Children??

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Authorities swooped in like vultures and swept over 400 children from the polygamist sect in El Dorado, Texas.

Some would say 'the children have been rescued!' Saved from further possible abuse by the men of the compound? I am all for saving children from abuse. But WHY, WHY did Child Protective Services (CPS) remove 400 children from their mothers? The alleged abusers are the men. Why didn't they remove the men from the compound?

To take the children from their mothers and the only way of life they know is criminal. These children had not been living with Meth addicted parents in flea infested homes. They had been living a simple way of life....what CPS has done is atypical practice.... remove the children with no thought as to the end result. Why? Because they truly don't care.

So, now they've got over 400 children scattered in hundreds of foster homes...as they await DNA results. Which will tell them what? Oh, I know! That a handful of men fathered multiple children with multiple wives! Then what? I know that one, too! They (CPS) will tell us 'we feel it is in the best interest of the children that they not be returned home." Some will get 'lost' in the system, and others just forgotten.

The real tragedy is the psychological harm to these children...they are most likely scared, confused, frustrated and have a lot of questions....questions they will not get answers to.

Child Protective Services is a government entity with too much power....for the sake of the children? They tell us that their job is to keep families together whenever possible. Yet, they yank children from the hands of their parents and toss them in to a system of red tape and bureauacry.

It will be interesting to see how it ultimately turns out....that is, IF they tell us. In 6 months to a year from now, the headline will read: 'What has become of the children removed from YFZ?' And, in 5 years from now. 'Siblings reunite after 5 years of being separated'.


Liberty and Justice for ALL?

The recent story of the man who has been released on bond after serving 26 years in prison for a crime he did NOT commit has me once again fuming with anger.
This time, two attorneys had known for 26 years they had the wrong guy in prison. They even had a written confession from the real killer. Did they come forward with the truth? No. Instead, they locked the confession in a box and hid it under their bed. Only until the real killer died did they bother to step up to the plate. Of course that was TWO YEARS AGO!

Wrongfully convicted men and women are sent to prison every day! For very few, their only hope is from the Innocence Project, a group of law students who volunteer their time and prove innocence. Unforunately, the Innocence Project can only take cases where DNA is involved. For the rest that have been wrongfully convicted, there is very little hope.

The judicial system of our country is seriously flawed. Prosecutors, Attorneys and Judges are looking for career feathers in their hats...cops are looking for anyone to pin a crime on....and juries just want to go home. I have no faith in our judicial system whatsoever....and NO, to say it is the best system we have is a crock. The moment one is accused of a crime, he or she is labeled 'guilty' in the eyes of society and promptly convicted by a jury. There is no "innocent until proven guilty" in our country....unless of course your name is O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson or Kobe Bryant. Money buys freedom... money is power...the average person doesn't stand a chance.

Of the very few that are lucky enough to have the Innocence Project take their case and prove their innocence, will still never get the lost years back. Their lives have been ruined along with the lives of their families.
Very rarely do these stories make headlines. Wonder why? Oh my, that would be an admission of failure of the very judicial system that wrongfully convicted them.

Thank You God

Last night, we attended a ground breaking ceremony complete with champagne and fresh shrimp. They had the hole already dug on a 2.8 acre parcel of property overlooking the city. Beautiful piece of property with trees already planted around the perimeter.

After the ground breaking, we all toodled off to the country club for dinner. Excellent food, pleasant company....it was a wonderful evening.

I will say this: I am definitely not the 'country club' kind of gal. You could smell the money in the air...you could see it in their appearance. Now, my daughter would have been able to identify the clothing brands, or the purse label....not me. But I could certainly tell everyone was wearing the expensive stuff. Very pleasant people, like I said, but of course, they all know 'when' to smile, 'what' to say.

Last night just confirmed to us again how glad we are doing what we are doing. No thank you to fancy people, client dinners, competition, and talking behind the backs of those you just hugged.

I love our life! Jeans, t-shirt, campfires, uncomplicated and simple. When I go outside in the morning, I listen for the birds, and I can smell the grass. I wonder...do those other people who are wrapped up in their riches ever take the time?


NAU...Did You Know?

The 'three amigos', see link below

North American Inland Ports Network Map

The future of our flag, our country?

Have you wondered:
  • Why our borders still remain wide open?
  • Why border agents are not allowed to enforce the law?
  • Why our President has done nothing to stop illegal immigration?
  • Why there are so many Mexican trucks/truckers on our U.S. Highways?

'A move by the U.S. Department of Transportation to open U.S. roadways to Mexican trucks puts the interest of foreign trade and cheap labor ahead of everything else, including highway safety, homeland security and the well being of hardworking Americans'

'There is a plan no one talks about very much, one that floats over the horizon like an approaching storm at sea. In this business dream, the Pacific ports of the United States will be shifted south to new massive anchorages in Mexico . . . These new ports will be linked by major train and truck arteries -- NAFTA Corridors -- to the cities of the United States and Canada. Mexican trucking companies will be bought (and are being bought up now) by American firms and Mexican truckers will deliver the freight and freely drive all U.S. highways. In this plan, the shipping of the United States leaves [out] union ports and the long haul trucking leaves [out] union drivers."

'Oh, by the way, did you know that on "June 7, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court reached a unanimous decision in Department of Transportation v. Public Citizen, ruling that Mexican trucks under NAFTA could enter the U.S. freely, even if the Mexican trucks failed to meet environmental standards as set by state and federal law."

The NAU, North American Union...no more United States. One currency? The Amero? No wonder President Bush has kept our borders open. Our country is on the brink of a financial collapse...exactly as they planned. Like my husband says, 'Make the plan, work the plan.' All that's left is the crying.




And The News Just Keeps Getting Worse

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I have taken some excerpts from the article as seen below, my comments in blue.

Steve Tarpin can bake a graham cracker crust in his sleep, but explaining why the price for his Key lime pies went from $20 to $25 required mastering a thornier topic: global economics.

A key lime pie for $20 is ridiculous let alone $25!

U.S. food prices rose 4 percent in 2007, compared with an average 2.5 percent annual rise for the last 15 years, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And the agency says 2008 could be worse, with a rise of as much as 4.5 percent.

Wow! An increase of almost double...in 15 years...and hold on, it's only getting worse.

For the U.S. poor, any increase in food costs sets up an either-or equation: Give something up to pay for food.

How much more can Americans expect to give up?

“I was talking to people who make $9 an hour.....

You can't live on $9 an hour folks! It's easier to survive on welfare, which is why many do.

For some, that means adding an extra cup of water to their soup, watering down their milk, or giving their children soda because it’s cheaper than milk, DiChiara said

This is the U.S.A., not Haiti.....and, soda is cheaper than milk?!

The other reasons are more complex. Rapid economic growth in China and India has increased demand for meat there, and exports of U.S. products, such as corn, have set records as the weak dollar has made them cheaper. That’s lowered the supply of corn available for sale in the U.S., raising prices here.

Yeah, watch out for China! So, as we supply them with corn, it lowers our supply, making it more expensive for us? Sounds to me like we're feeding China and India instead of ourselves.

Twin Cafe Caterers in lower Manhattan posted a letter on its deli cooler: “Due to the huge increase of the gas, the electricity, the water and all the other utilities, we had to raise the prices a little bit.” It went on to say that all its food prices have risen, too.

I wonder if we went to our employers with a similar sign, would they give us all raises? Right!

The letter called for an immediate halt to exports and a change in farm policy, “stop paying farmers NOT to grow crops.” A new farm bill, stalled in Congress, would expand farm subsidies if it passes, however.

I never got this one. Why are we paying our farmers to NOT farm?!

But for the poorest U.S. families, the higher costs may mean going hungry...

No doubt about it.

All I got out of this ridiculous article is that food prices are higher, which we all know.
Water your milk down, expect to go hungry, expect higher prices this year, and 30 million people in Haiti or somewhere are going hungry.

I have an idea. Why not STOP exporting meat and corn to China, India, etc.
Let our farmers do what they do best...FARM.
STOP the World Food program and take care of our own first...do they really think those countries would lend a hand to us?


Land of the Cripples?

The trees in bloom.

It certainly looks like this RV Park is the 'Land of the Cripples'.

We've got an elderly guy here who uses a walker to get around. He had an aneurysm in his stomach that needed to be removed. A seemingly simple procedure, except something went terribly wrong in the hospital and he now has little to no feeling in either leg and will spent the remainder of his life using a walker. Very sad.

The lady across from us is also elderly and must use either a cane or walker to get around. I don't know what the problem is, but considering her age, could be anything.

The assistant manager just had an operation on her foot and is in a cast hobbling around.

Another gentleman gets around with a cane, and it appears his knee is the problem. He's not an old guy, so I'm guessing a knee injury of some sort that never healed properly.

Then there's me with these awful crutches. I am using the exercise bike and was able to do two complete rotations this morning without too much pain. Maybe, with plenty of time my knee will be 100% again....I certainly hope so. I am frankly very tired of all of it.

SIDE NOTE: BLACKJACK NOW HAS 14 GOLF BALLS. On Saturday, #12 came flying through the air and landed on the ground one site from us. And, we are a good distance from the golf course itself. With the luck I've been having, I will probably be the one that gets smacked in the head with one of the fast flying balls! Eek.


Want To Take a Cruise?

I've added a new link to my "Links"...."Let's Take a Cruise".

This is Norwegian Cruise Lines Blog, and the the post titled 'NCL Cruises to Hawaii' is posted by me. It's all got me thinking about cruising again. What fun!!

We have been on two cruises and I would absolutely love to take another. In my opinion, there is no better way to go on vacation. Think about this....when you go to sleep at night you could be in Aruba...and, then, when you awake the following morning, you are in Curaco. No rental car to think about, no need to worry about where to eat, or what 'touristy' thing to do. The cruise line takes care of everything for you. All that is required of you is to relax and enjoy.

Hmmm.......maybe the southern Caribbean this time.

Got the Exercise Bike

We decided a yard sale would be good place to find a bike for cheap, so we checked the local newspaper and found one!

$50.00 for the bike and quick stop at a bicycle shop for some bearings (for the pedal), it's fixed and cleaned up.

As you can see from the photo, we have a spot inside for it, as unattractive as it looks, but it'll work.

The seat had to be set up really high because I can't begin to make a whole rotation with my knee, but I will start with small partial rotations and work it from there. I'm sure hoping to see great improvements, because as of today I am only able to bend my leg at about 30%.
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China Charging Americans More


Of course they are! They've got us right where they want us...dependent on them. We've been buying our products from China for years. Why? Because it's always been much cheaper. American companies have profited in a big way....it's now time to pay the piper.

Sure, we all joke about everything being made in China. Well, I'd say the joke is on us.

Look at Wal-Mart. They have come in to every small town and big city in the U.S. with lower prices than the guy next door. They pushed the mom and pop shops out of the way, leaving themselves as the only kid on the block. Now they can raise their prices AND they have the perfect excuse.

Funny isn't it? Yeah, I don't think we'll be laughing.


BlackJack's Golf Ball Collection

Hey, with a golf course right next door, there's bound to be a few stray golf balls that just happen to land in the dog run area of the RV park, right?

And, with every one BlackJack finds, he brings it home. He has 10 golf balls so far. Callaway, Titleist, are a couple of the brands he's collected. It really is quite cute, because we don't dare touch his golf balls. He's very possesive of them.

Anyway, just wanted to share.

Knee Injury Update

I have been to the doctor today, and he says three more weeks on the crutches. Doesn't look like surgery is necessary. Am happy about that!

He wants to see more mobility and suggested a stationary bicycle. Sure, let me just go to the garage and whip that stationary bike out. Then, I'll bring it in the 'house' so I can use it. I don't have a stationary bike. I don't really have much room in the 5th wheel to put a bike....but guess we'll have to figure that one out. Maybe they can be rented somewhere? He also suggested swimming...swimming is great exercise. Cool. If I knew how to swim. Or if I knew where there was a swimming pool, other than at a gym that I would have to join to use their facility.
And, he doesn't want me to put any more than 20 pounds of weight on the leg. That ain't much! The palms of my hands already hurt like hell from the crutches, they should be real toughened up in another three weeks.

When I return to the Doctor in three weeks and if he's satisfied with my 'mobility', then bye-bye crutches. Yay!!

It has been a month since the accident, so with another three weeks, all in all, two months of this. It could be worse, it could be worse.

Now, if only we could get their insurance company to acknowledge us. The medical bills are coming in....$2,367.00 thus far. And they (insurance company) still do not have a claim opened. Sound familiar? It goes as insurance companies go. You pay, and pay, and pay those premiums....then comes the time when you ask them to pay for the service they have 'supposedly' been providing...that would be THE insurance, and what do they do? Nothing. And what do they say? Nothing.

Looking for Contributors...

I thought it might be a good idea to get other stories and/or opinions by inviting any of you who frequent our blog by contributing your own piece.

You could write about anything that interests you. It could be political, controversial, your personal opinions about whatever, or even about some of the places you have been. You could include photos if you would like and I would in turn publish your piece on Fridays and list your name as a contributor. If you wish to remain anonymous, that would be fine as well.

Interested? Just email me.


Customer Service

It is true, with self checkout at the grocery stores, ATM machines at the bank, self serve at the gas station, and the kiosks at airports allowing one to check themselves in for a flight....there are some definite benefits to the customer....but...

Have you ever tracked your UPS package online only to discover the delivery address is incorrect? To correct a mistake like this, a phone call to UPS is necessary. After long wait times on hold, and after pushing several buttons on an automated system you will eventually talk to a real live human being. The problem comes when that 'person' tells you 'no problem, okay, I've corrected the mistake.'.......Two days later your package has still not arrived, you call again, go through the button pushing and waiting, talk to a different person who NOW tells you there is no record of your previous conversation, and 'we are not showing any change in the delivery address.'

Cell phone companies: Frustration at its best! You go in personally to an AT&T store, change your cell phone plan, drop your additional line, they assure you that you are all set! You think all is well......then you get the bill. They've kept the line you wanted dropped, changed it unilaterally to a different plan of their own choosing, and inform you that you were required to give them 30 days notice before dropping the second line. WHAT?? But, we were told we were 'all set!'....So sorry, they say, you were misinformed.

Insurance companies: You submit bills for payment via email and ask for response. One week goes by, no reply. You call them to follow up, talk to some person that tells you your file is in the 'enrollment department.' HUH?? Another week passes, nothing. You call again. They inform you they had mailed a letter to you two weeks ago. HUH?? We have not received anything...can we confirm the address you mailed it to? 'Sure.....'. Guess what? They input the wrong address in their computer! Okay, you ask, what did the letter say? Well, they reply, I will have to request your file and that can take 24 hours or longer...then 'we will call you'. WHAT??!!

Internet providers: My parents just experienced this. Unable to get the internet, for almost 3 months. Call AOL....their customer service is in India or the Phillipines or somewhere where you cannot understand them. They promise to send you a CD that will fix all your problems. You wait, and wait....one month later, no CD. Nothing. Solution? Drop AOL, go with a different provider. Wait a minute? Doesn't AOL stand for AMERICA Online? Yeah, right.


Offroading in Washington

Our little blue jeep doing its thing

Even though I wasn't able to go on the jeep run yesterday, I can still see what it was all about with the pictures someone posted on the web. Don't you just love the internet!

It looks like it was fun! I guess there were only a couple jeeps and mostly 'other' 4 wheeler vehicles, and the terrain is obviously nothing like Arizona.

Now, with a lot of rain....then it would be muddy....now you're talkin'!

By the way, the jeep is getting a new engine...the engine in it now has a lot of miles on it, and is tired. We love our jeep and run it all the time, so a new engine to go with all its other alterations only makes sense.


Spring Has Arrived!

We've got some sunshine and blue sky! It finally feels like Spring...now if only I was able to get out and really enjoy it.

It's been almost a month since I've been walking with crutches, and it feels like forever. This is getting so old and I am tired of not being able to perform the simplest of tasks....

Like cleaning or doing the dishes or even making the bed. Oh, I can do the dishes...it just takes 3 times as long, as I balance myself with the crutches at the sink. And, I can make half the bed, but even then it's not really doing the job right....getting something out of the refrigerator is really tricky...It's hard to take something from the refrigerator, while holding myself with the crutches, and then to balance carefully as I turn to hopefully get the item on the counter and not on the floor....and feeding BlackJack...that one is almost impossible, because first I have to pick his plate up off the floor (which is scary because I'm afraid I'll fall), but then once I manage to get the food on the plate, now I have to drop it from 3 feet on to the floor again, and hope the food stays on the plate as it's flying to the ground. So far, so good. No mishaps as of yet.

I have thought about my father in law, Earl, a lot this past month. How he must have felt after his stroke when he was unable to get around....I always knew he was frustrated, but being frustrated when there was absolutely nothing he could have done to change his situation is so sad...relying on others to do for you...not wanting to burden them to assist you....your pride and self esteem pretty much go right out the window. You feel like a helpless child.

Now I understand why he always insisted on carrying several paper towels, sugar packets for his coffee among other trivial items with him on his walker or wheelchair...it was because he figured if he always had those things close to him, he wouldn't need to bother anyone to get them for him. He was trying to maintain some independence for himself.

Okay, I suppose I will slide out of the trailer and let BlackJack get some fresh air. Poor dog...I know he would love to run and play in the grass....


Oh, Man!!

Okay, so the tulips aren't in bloom, yet....because of an unusually cold winter. Thank you Patty for the email. I will go to the link you mentioned and get the scoop...Like you said, it would not be good to make the trip and be disappointed. That would have been two years in a row.

It's probably best anyway, as I could use more time for my knee to heal. If it will heal, that is. Back to the doctor next week, and I am praying the news will be good....like, no need for crutches, and surgery will not be necessary. I am very tired of getting around with crutches, what a pain. If I drop something, there it sits....I hate that. Makes one appreciate being able to walk.


Tulip Festival

Via an email yesterday from an Aunt....the tulips are in bloom!

Maybe, just maybe, I could manage myself and my crutches in to the Volvo and we could take a drive to see them this weekend! Last year we had just missed them, arriving only a few days late.

It is a confirmation of spring and the promise of warm weather when you see fields of yellow, pink and red tulips. Plus, the country roads, older houses, the barns....we gotta go! Perfect example of the joy of fulltiming. There really is so much country to see right here in the good 'ol U.S.A.

When our daughter was almost two years old, we lived in the Seattle area and were able to visit the tulip fields for the first time. However, it was just myself, with both kids and a friend of mine with her son. My husband has NEVER seen the fields.....and he grew up in Washington State!
You just can't visit Washington in the springtime without experiencing the tulip fields.



Okay, I am told I sound like I am in favor of socialism. To clarify, I am definitely NOT for socialism, and am very much opposed to it. This world has always had the rich and always had the poor; as it has always been intended.

What I AM opposed to however, and what DOES make my blood boil, is the attitude.
Some poor have the attitude that somebody owes them something. A job, a house, a new outfit.
Some rich have the attitude that they deserve more. More money, bigger house, two new outfits.

I believe that most everyone has the opportunity to better themselves. What they choose to do with that opportunity is their choice. What they ultimately do upon arriving at their place in life, after making their choice, whether it be poor, middle class or rich, is what truly defines them as an individual.....need I say more?

Too Much Time On My Hands


Jim Jubak has it right. Read his article above. Obviously, I'm not the only one that feels the Fed is doing this country a grave misjustice. It started with Greenspan and is continuing with Bernanke. They spend countless hours coming up with ways to bail out the big banks, but as Jubak states 'Who's going to rescue the real economy?' Like I mentioned in an earlier post, lending institutions pocketed huge profits a few years ago, by misusing the funds they had available to them.

The ones really struggling are the rest of us, the little guy. We are the ones paying more at the pump, more at the grocery store, more in airline tickets, and more in health costs. Who's going to rescue us? The answer is, nobody. Americans are cutting back as best we can. Food costs have risen 5%, according to the latest numbers, over the past year. Wages are at a negative.
Meanwhile, companies continue to cut wages, layoff employees and send their jobs overseas. AT&T is a prime example of that. An article last week, quoted AT&T as saying, 'they cannot find skilled workers in the U.S.' Think about it. How skilled do you have to be to work at AT&T? There are plenty of Americans that would gladly accept any job. The truth about AT&T is that they can find cheaper labor in third world countries, and that's who they are giving their jobs to. They don't care about giving jobs to Americans, they care about profit. I can understand that. A successful business is all about profit. But, you can't convince me that their profit margin is so small that they cannot afford to pay a menial $30,000 annual salary to an American? Read it here:
Oil Companies. They are pocketing Billions of dollars. Yes, with a capital "B"! Admittedly, I know very little about the 'what's' and 'why's' of oil imports/exports/supply and demand, etc., but it sure seems to me that if our Government can bail out big banks to the tune of $200 Billion, then they certainly ought to be able to put a stop to the madness with the price of fuel. See for yourself:
You probably know that companies like Exxon, BP, and Shell employ thousands of U.S. citizens and send them to overseas countries to work..but did you know it is At an average cost of around $300,000/per year, per employee, excluding their salary? Those employees are provided luxury housing, maids, drivers and airline tickets home, just to name a few of the perks. Hell, the oil companies even pick up the tab on a big percentage of their taxes, full medical and their child's education. It's a sweet deal for the employee and their families without a doubt. They are proud to be 'oil workers', living in the lap of luxury and turning up their noses at the U.S. (even though they themselves are U.S. citizens). I wonder how many of their children (american citizens) can recite the Pledge of Allegiance or know our country's National Anthem? They are so absorbed in their jet set lifestyle, they have forgotten where they came from. They've travelled the world and been to countries most of us don't even think about. They actually prefer living in third world countries, because they relish in the fact that others believe them to be wealthy. They love their wealth.

I know, I know, I sound envious. It isn't about envy, but it is about pride. I love my country. I love our freedom, I love the fact that I can worship as I choose. I love that I have the right to carry a firearm, and I love to see our flag flying. I cry every time I hear our national anthem...ask my husband, he loves me because I am emotional. That's part of why I love him so much, I guess.

Whether it's the illegal immigrants who have taken root in my country, or the American oil workers who have taken root in third world countries...none of them love America. The illegals love the benefits we hand to them, and the oil workers love the benefits we hand to them. After all, it's all coming out of our pockets, isn't it?

It's compassion, as I read about young families struggling to buy groceries, or trying desperately to find a job that has been given to some dude in India. It's compassion as I see honest, hard working americans struggling to make ends meet...and then I see so many walk around like they have a stick rammed up their rearend because they believe they are indeed worthy of the riches bestowed upon them. That is disgraceful.

I honestly am scared for the younger generation like my children and my grandchildren. My son has a wife and 3 children he is providing for. I know his rent continues to go up along with eveything else. His salary is not increasing enough to keep up with it all. All I can see is him struggling to stay ahead, and it gets more difficult every day, I'm sure. I am thankful that both our children have good jobs. I am thankful they both have good work ethics. I can only pray that they spend wisely and not get discouraged. Times are tough and are going to get even tougher.

Like I said, too much time on my hands.