DNA Frees Yet Another Wrongfully Convicted

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Yes, this is another case (different from an earlier post). This poor guy has always claimed his innocence from day 1!

Nobody listened...2 'eyewitnesses' said he did it. Over the years, one eyewitness has recanted. The second eyewitness's testimony was not credible. But that did not stop a zealous prosecutor and a jury from convicting this man to life in prison.

With a big Thank You to The Innocence Project, his innocence has been proved and he is now a free man. Were it not for the hard work and compassion exhibited by The Innocence Project, so many men and women who have been wrongfully convicted would die in prison for crimes they did not commit.

While we listen to Fox News filling the airwaves with the Fed's latest rate cut, Obama's denouncement of his former pastor and fuel prices are going higher.......a man who just spent the last 27 years of his life in prison has finally been proclaimed innocent! Our judicial system failed this man, as it has done with thousands of other men and women.....

But, shhhh! God forbid, they let the news be broadcast on the national media networks. As I said before, that would be an admission of their incompetence and our seriously flawed judicial system. Even the bleeding heart liberals don't seem to give a damn about the injustice being committed in our country.

By the way, this makes the 18th man freed in the State of Texas alone! It doesn't speak very highly of Texas, does it?

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