Knee Injury Update

I have been to the doctor today, and he says three more weeks on the crutches. Doesn't look like surgery is necessary. Am happy about that!

He wants to see more mobility and suggested a stationary bicycle. Sure, let me just go to the garage and whip that stationary bike out. Then, I'll bring it in the 'house' so I can use it. I don't have a stationary bike. I don't really have much room in the 5th wheel to put a bike....but guess we'll have to figure that one out. Maybe they can be rented somewhere? He also suggested swimming...swimming is great exercise. Cool. If I knew how to swim. Or if I knew where there was a swimming pool, other than at a gym that I would have to join to use their facility.
And, he doesn't want me to put any more than 20 pounds of weight on the leg. That ain't much! The palms of my hands already hurt like hell from the crutches, they should be real toughened up in another three weeks.

When I return to the Doctor in three weeks and if he's satisfied with my 'mobility', then bye-bye crutches. Yay!!

It has been a month since the accident, so with another three weeks, all in all, two months of this. It could be worse, it could be worse.

Now, if only we could get their insurance company to acknowledge us. The medical bills are coming in....$2,367.00 thus far. And they (insurance company) still do not have a claim opened. Sound familiar? It goes as insurance companies go. You pay, and pay, and pay those premiums....then comes the time when you ask them to pay for the service they have 'supposedly' been providing...that would be THE insurance, and what do they do? Nothing. And what do they say? Nothing.

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