Thank You God

Last night, we attended a ground breaking ceremony complete with champagne and fresh shrimp. They had the hole already dug on a 2.8 acre parcel of property overlooking the city. Beautiful piece of property with trees already planted around the perimeter.

After the ground breaking, we all toodled off to the country club for dinner. Excellent food, pleasant company....it was a wonderful evening.

I will say this: I am definitely not the 'country club' kind of gal. You could smell the money in the air...you could see it in their appearance. Now, my daughter would have been able to identify the clothing brands, or the purse label....not me. But I could certainly tell everyone was wearing the expensive stuff. Very pleasant people, like I said, but of course, they all know 'when' to smile, 'what' to say.

Last night just confirmed to us again how glad we are doing what we are doing. No thank you to fancy people, client dinners, competition, and talking behind the backs of those you just hugged.

I love our life! Jeans, t-shirt, campfires, uncomplicated and simple. When I go outside in the morning, I listen for the birds, and I can smell the grass. I wonder...do those other people who are wrapped up in their riches ever take the time?

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