NAU...Did You Know?

The 'three amigos', see link below

North American Inland Ports Network Map

The future of our flag, our country?

Have you wondered:
  • Why our borders still remain wide open?
  • Why border agents are not allowed to enforce the law?
  • Why our President has done nothing to stop illegal immigration?
  • Why there are so many Mexican trucks/truckers on our U.S. Highways?

'A move by the U.S. Department of Transportation to open U.S. roadways to Mexican trucks puts the interest of foreign trade and cheap labor ahead of everything else, including highway safety, homeland security and the well being of hardworking Americans'

'There is a plan no one talks about very much, one that floats over the horizon like an approaching storm at sea. In this business dream, the Pacific ports of the United States will be shifted south to new massive anchorages in Mexico . . . These new ports will be linked by major train and truck arteries -- NAFTA Corridors -- to the cities of the United States and Canada. Mexican trucking companies will be bought (and are being bought up now) by American firms and Mexican truckers will deliver the freight and freely drive all U.S. highways. In this plan, the shipping of the United States leaves [out] union ports and the long haul trucking leaves [out] union drivers."

'Oh, by the way, did you know that on "June 7, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court reached a unanimous decision in Department of Transportation v. Public Citizen, ruling that Mexican trucks under NAFTA could enter the U.S. freely, even if the Mexican trucks failed to meet environmental standards as set by state and federal law."

The NAU, North American Union...no more United States. One currency? The Amero? No wonder President Bush has kept our borders open. Our country is on the brink of a financial collapse...exactly as they planned. Like my husband says, 'Make the plan, work the plan.' All that's left is the crying.



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