BlackJack Update...again

Okay, so the picture was taken in February....but Jack hasn't changed...he's still the same size and cute as ever.

We finally decided if he wasn't going to eat anything at all, we couldn't let him starve....so, we started giving him small quantities of chicken or beef....and of course, he ate it!

So, we've been giving him meat (even though the vet said he shouldn't have any), and he has not had any ill effects whatsoever. He gets steak, hamburger, pork chops, lamb and chicken.

I know, he's spoiled, right? Yeah, maybe he is, but at least he's eating, and he seems fine.

One more thing, his golf ball collection at last count is 19, and growing. I found a basket to put them in and they have their place in the living room. BlackJack is okay with them being in the basket, but don't dare touch them....it freaks him out. I have no clue as to what we will do with all of them at the end of summer, as who knows how many he will have collected by that time. I may have to get a larger basket and sell them at $1.00 a piece....maybe use the money for diesel in the truck?

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