Roadrunner Crossing

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I followed this roadrunner all over the park hoping to catch a good picture of him.
Roadrunners can move pretty quick, so these are the best shots I ended up with.
I didn't notice until just now in uploading these images, that there is part of the 'Roadrunner Xing' sign in one of the pictures. Guess I was too focused on the bird itself.


Waterless Shine

In just an hour and a half today spent cleaning our truck and jeep, and check out that shine!!
You can actually SEE our neighbor's propane tank in our truck!!
Dri Wash 'n Guard Waterless Car Wash is amazing! Spray it on, rub, wipe off! That simple! And with NO water!
Our truck was filthy after our trip to El Paso, 2 snowstorms and the blowing dirt around here. But no problem for Dri Wash 'n Guard. And our jeep? In 20 minutes, it was sparkling! One product that cleans, polishes AND protects with no water, and very little effort. Piece of cake! I use Dri Wash 'n Guard for everything in our home, from the Corian, fiberglass, shower doors, windows, to the appliances.
Check out our Web Page at http://www.whyw8.dwgint.net


Amanda and BlackJack

Amanda loved BlackJack! And BlackJack loved her! She would have liked to have been able to take him home with her to Anchorage, but will have to wait till we see her this summer.

Our trip to Seattle

Our trip home from El Paso
This picture taken between TX and NM

Black Jack's first snow

Our daughter and us

The 'cousins', Justin, Amanda, Jason
(good looking kids)

Our trip to Seattle went fine. It's both sad and bittersweet that funerals are what bring families together. But, it was good for both Amanda and I to meet some of Henry's family that we had never met before, and good for him to see those family members again.

We arrived back in El Paso at 2:30 a.m., took a room at a hotel for a few hours of sleep, showered, had breakfast, then back in the truck for the 4 hour trip home. When we arrived back at The Ranch, they rang the bell for us, as they do for all incoming visitors and leaseholders, and they came out to welcome us back. Apparently, just yesterday, they had 6 inches of snow here!! Our lot had a small pond on it, what was left of the snow. We were glad we missed it!


The Birds lined up on the electrical wire

This morning we woke to freezing rain, 17 degrees and just downright cold weather. We had planned a trip to Roswell today, 64 miles away. The forecast called for snow, freezing rain and ice on the highway. No worries. A little weather is not going to stop us. So, we went. To the Petco store an hour away. We took Black Jack with us (he's allowed in the Petco store). Such fun! He's such a well behaved little guy and a pleasure to take.

We had sad news this week. Henry's father passed away. We were thankful we had seen him in November most every day for two weeks. I have always adored Henry's Dad. He was always happy, took life as it came, and always put his kids and grandkids first. I will miss him.

We will fly out Thursday evening for the funeral on Friday in the Seattle area. The grandkids will fly down from Alaska, so most everyone will be there, which is good.


Wow. SE New Mexico....hmmm

I have to say, this part of New Mexico is not very exciting. The terrain is flat and ugly. There truly is very little to do or see around here. If we are willing to drive almost 100 miles one way, then 'they' say there are lots of hiking and 4 wheel trails. Let's see, 2 hours to get there, 2 hours to get back...better get up early to allow time for being there.

I realize it is January, but the weather is frankly, awful. It is windy, it is cold, the horrid needle grass blows all the time, getting stuck in and on everything it touches. It gets in your jacket, on your hair, your dog's mouth and feet....heck, yesterday Henry was working on the truck and had that damn stuff stuck to the back of his hat!

The nearest town, if you can call it that, is about 20 miles away. There is nothing between here and there. Restaurants....Nope. Sure, McDonald's and Pizza Hut (with a drive up window). Who ever heard of pizza at a drive up window?
Shopping.....Wal-Mart, that's it, literally.

Should have listened to my husband. I can't say he didn't warn me.


Meet BlackJack

We drove to El Paso Airport to pick up this little guy on New Year's Eve. He came in from Arkansas. He is a 13 week old black and silver miniature schnauzer and a real sweetheart. We hadn't planned on a puppy, and as a matter of fact had decided early on that we were not going to have a dog at all. Oh well.....we always reserve the right to change our minds.