Our trip to Seattle

Our trip home from El Paso
This picture taken between TX and NM

Black Jack's first snow

Our daughter and us

The 'cousins', Justin, Amanda, Jason
(good looking kids)

Our trip to Seattle went fine. It's both sad and bittersweet that funerals are what bring families together. But, it was good for both Amanda and I to meet some of Henry's family that we had never met before, and good for him to see those family members again.

We arrived back in El Paso at 2:30 a.m., took a room at a hotel for a few hours of sleep, showered, had breakfast, then back in the truck for the 4 hour trip home. When we arrived back at The Ranch, they rang the bell for us, as they do for all incoming visitors and leaseholders, and they came out to welcome us back. Apparently, just yesterday, they had 6 inches of snow here!! Our lot had a small pond on it, what was left of the snow. We were glad we missed it!

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Pam Ridgely said...

Gosh Henry, you clean up pretty darn well. Didn't recognize you at first!!!

Glad you made it back safely. Cute addition to your family.