Wow. SE New Mexico....hmmm

I have to say, this part of New Mexico is not very exciting. The terrain is flat and ugly. There truly is very little to do or see around here. If we are willing to drive almost 100 miles one way, then 'they' say there are lots of hiking and 4 wheel trails. Let's see, 2 hours to get there, 2 hours to get back...better get up early to allow time for being there.

I realize it is January, but the weather is frankly, awful. It is windy, it is cold, the horrid needle grass blows all the time, getting stuck in and on everything it touches. It gets in your jacket, on your hair, your dog's mouth and feet....heck, yesterday Henry was working on the truck and had that damn stuff stuck to the back of his hat!

The nearest town, if you can call it that, is about 20 miles away. There is nothing between here and there. Restaurants....Nope. Sure, McDonald's and Pizza Hut (with a drive up window). Who ever heard of pizza at a drive up window?
Shopping.....Wal-Mart, that's it, literally.

Should have listened to my husband. I can't say he didn't warn me.

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