Waterless Shine

In just an hour and a half today spent cleaning our truck and jeep, and check out that shine!!
You can actually SEE our neighbor's propane tank in our truck!!
Dri Wash 'n Guard Waterless Car Wash is amazing! Spray it on, rub, wipe off! That simple! And with NO water!
Our truck was filthy after our trip to El Paso, 2 snowstorms and the blowing dirt around here. But no problem for Dri Wash 'n Guard. And our jeep? In 20 minutes, it was sparkling! One product that cleans, polishes AND protects with no water, and very little effort. Piece of cake! I use Dri Wash 'n Guard for everything in our home, from the Corian, fiberglass, shower doors, windows, to the appliances.
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Anonymous said...

Are you distributors for the product? The link you listed brings up a log-in page.

Glad you two are having so much fun!

Just Us said...

Yes, we are actually managers for Dri Wash 'n Guard...and I have fixed the link. Sorry about that. Please check out our Web Page.