Flag Day

Flag Day is tomorrow. Fly your flag high and proud!



ZZ Top


Happy Birthday

Tomorrow morning I fly to Denver for four days. My Mom turns 80 on Saturday and we have planned a surprise Birthday party for her. My son, his wife, and their three kids will be flying in from Anchorge. My daughter from Arizona, my sister from North Carolina and her daughter and family from Florida.

My parents have absolutely no clue we are coming. They are not suspicious in the least! Woo hoo! I am so super excited!! We all arrive in Denver tomorrow and will all meet up to hash out the details, then Saturday morning, beginning at 9:00 a.m., we will individually knock on their door, at half hour intervals.

We also have arranged for 80 carnations to be delivered on Saturday and Henry's sister has made a beautiful soft throw and embroidered all the grand kids and great grand kids names on it.

Definitely bringing our video camera to record the event. It is going to be so incredibly fun!!!



Voting poll in Wisconsin last night. What the hell is Odumbo's picture doing there?


Buckle up Fido

Ok, I agree this is not safe for the pet. For Pete sakes, use common sense! However, I also don't agree with what the state of New Ersey is now doing. Requiring pet owners to use safety restraints on their pets while in the car, or pay a fine and face up to 6 months in jail.

"According to CBS in Philadelphia, police and animal control officers will be authorized to ticket New Jersey drivers between $250 and $1,000 if they have “unrestrained” animals in the front seat of their car, on the driver’s lap, partially out the window, or even in the back of a pickup truck.

New Jersey Residents Can Be Fined $1000 for Driving With Unrestrained Animals in the Car | Click It or Ticket

(Photo: Pet Supplies)

Dogs, apparently, should be placed in harnesses and then buckled in."

Via the blaze

BUT, it's okay to kill the unborn ?????? This world has gone mad.


Islam-~~~~Spawn of Satan

The hypocrisy, the disgusting and the demonic so called religion of peace. The following is from barenakedislam website.

Saudi boys and men grinding to the music

One of the men seems particularly fond of his man boobs as he keeps showing them off and having them touched. So, where are the Saudi ‘morality’ police when you need them? Oh, that’s right, they’re busy arresting women for wearing lipstick and trying to drive.

Dog Danger

It's always good to be educated on where our food comes from, and just as important to know, is where the food and treats we feed our pets come from. Take for example, Waggin Train jerky tenders. Jack has been loving these for over a year. This is what they look like:

And, this is what the Waggin Train website says about their product:

"To ensure Waggin’ Train treats are not only delicious, but also safe and healthy, they are produced, packaged and inspected in accordance with the highest sanitation and safety standards. In fact, we undertake the extra step of sterilizing every product through irradiation in accordance with USDA guideline."

Wonderful!! In accordance with USDA guideline. Sounds like there's nothing to worry about. Wait. On May 10th, there was a story reporting tht dog treats are coming out of China, and people across the country have made the connection between these products and the deaths of their dogs. Notice in the blip above, they are quick to ensure you that their product is 'produced, packaged and inspected....". NO mention of where the product is made. That is until you go to the FAQ page of their site, where we find the following:

"Q:Where are these treats made?

A: These treats are made in China at facilities that are modeled after U.S. Department of Agriculture standards for quality and safety. In China, dark meat chicken is more popular with consumers than white meat chicken, and so the supply of quality, white meat chicken used in our products is more readily available for dog treats. The factories are under stringent safety and sanitary guidelines and monitored by a dedicated team of quality control inspectors, who are in the plants where the products are being produced. The benefit to our consumers is a premium dog treat at an affordable price."

Stringent safety and sanitary guidelines, monitored by quality control inspectors, my ass!

Of course I pulled out Jack's package of treats and sure enough, right there it says 'product of China'.

Guess I should have paid closer attention before, but suffice it to say, he is now enjoying chicken Chewies and turkey/pumpkin treats which are a product of the good ol USA!!


Jack is resting....but notice his leg dangling? Silly boy.


Happy Memorial Day

To all who died, that we may be free. Please remember the brave and fallen soldiers today.


The cost of going Green

From L. Rockwell~~

Some facts:
1) Wind was 17 times higher than the cost of nuclear power
2) Wind was 5 times higher than the cost of coal power
3) Solar was 31 times higher than the cost of nuclear power
4) Solar was 9 times higher than the cost of coal power

As of 3/29/2011 Nuclear power generated 13.5% of all world electricity and solar a mere 0.6%.

Germany: Our Green Energy FutureMay 2, 2012 6:53 am
Every year 600,000 households (2 million people) are getting their power switched off in Germany because they can’t afford the skyrocketing electric bills. At that rate the country (population 80 million) will become blacked-out like North Korea by 2050.
It’s one way of reducing carbon emissions – just catapult your population back to the Stone Age.

Online German flagship daily Die Welt has an article on how skyrocketing electricity prices are making electricity unaffordable for a large number of Germans.…Over 10 years ago Germany enacted the Renewable Energy Feed-In Act (EEG) which requires power companies to pay small producers of renewable energy exorbitant rates for their green power. The power companies in turn simply pass the higher prices on to their customers. Electricity prices rose 10% in 2011 alone!

Meanwhile in the USA:Renewable “Green” energy source requirements (2010 reports) have increased costs, on average 32%:
1) 29 states have adopted new standards including DC and Puerto Rico
2) Residential rate increases = 31.9% higher than in remaining 21 other states
3) Industrial rate increases = 30.7% higher
4)Commercial rate increases = 27.4% higher

This doesn't include coal fired electricity plant closures, coal mine closures and EPA regulations restricting everything conventional energy producing. Family budgets will definitely feel the pinch of "Green energy" costs.

God Bless America ;)