Buckle up Fido

Ok, I agree this is not safe for the pet. For Pete sakes, use common sense! However, I also don't agree with what the state of New Ersey is now doing. Requiring pet owners to use safety restraints on their pets while in the car, or pay a fine and face up to 6 months in jail.

"According to CBS in Philadelphia, police and animal control officers will be authorized to ticket New Jersey drivers between $250 and $1,000 if they have “unrestrained” animals in the front seat of their car, on the driver’s lap, partially out the window, or even in the back of a pickup truck.

New Jersey Residents Can Be Fined $1000 for Driving With Unrestrained Animals in the Car | Click It or Ticket

(Photo: Pet Supplies)

Dogs, apparently, should be placed in harnesses and then buckled in."

Via the blaze

BUT, it's okay to kill the unborn ?????? This world has gone mad.

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