Gusts of 65 mph...she's blowin'!

The needlegrass sticking in the electric pole, needlegrass in the trees, there is needlegrass blowing and sticking to everything. The wind is non stop blowing today. We drove the truck in to town today, and experienced a 'brown out'. The dust was blowing so thick over the highway, visibility was zero.

The signal on the TV went out, because of the wind. Internet connection is sporadic, and cell phone coverage is not happening. Plus, the dog dislikes wind as much as I do, so does not want to even go out. (can't say I blame him).

I will be so thankful to get the heck out of here! Yes, the people are nice...but that's the only thing this place has going for it, in my opinion.

On a happier note, BlackJack got his first official grooming by Henry...he looks pretty snazzy, plus it saved us the cost of a groomer. Henry is so talented. (He gave himself a haircut, too). I'm still trying to talk him in to cutting mine, but he's resisting!


Another happy customer!

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How about the shine on this trailer? The man that owns it cleaned the whole thing with Dri Wash 'n Guard Ultra Ion, then did the tires with the tire treatment. He was so impressed and pleased, he went inside and cleaned the fiberglass in his shower. He had purchased the Smart Start Dealer Kit from us and is having a ball shining up everything he owns! And it shows!

For me, yesterday I used the Leather & vinyl treatment on the black enamel on my stove and oven....(as suggested by Dri Wash 'n Guard). I'm convinced! The stove looks brand new...and with the nasty water here that leaves water marks behind on everything it comes in contact with...not anymore on my stove top!

I've always been a little odd, in that cleaning has always been something I enjoyed, but I gotta say, cleaning and polishing with Dri Wash 'n Guard is the best!


30 something days

The wind blows so hard here most of the time, that you can hardly stand to be outside. The needle grass is piling up again and is a real annoyance. I'm not understanding the reason people live here....
For us, in 30 something days, we will pull out of here!
First stop, Colorado, to visit my parents, then continue northwest to Washington to visit Henry's relatives. From there, we hit the Alcan (Alaska Canadian Highway) and travel at a leisurely pace in hopes of enjoying places like Laird Hot Springs along the way. We are looking forward to seeing family and just being on the road again.
That is all from here for now.


...And then it snowed

Another winter storm has made its way to this area. Yesterday, the temperature dropped, the rain began, which quickly turned to snow, and yet this morning the ground is wet, frozen in some spots and way too cold for us!

We are tired of the cold, the wind, and the snow. Isn't that why we left Alaska???? Yup, I believe so. We are told by the residents here, "I haven't seen it like this in 12 years", or "I've been here 5 years and seen it only snow once." Of course, Henry and I both know it is because we are here. Unusual weather patterns seem to follow us. Whatever the reason for the blustery and blowing 'stuff', We are ready to follow the sun again. Only 42 days to go.


Bring the sunny weather

Since our last post, the weather here has turned into beautiful! 75 degrees and sunshine! Oh, and no wind! This is ideal weather. The kind that turns dismal, gray moods into 'let's get out and clean the 5th wheel!' Which is exactly what we did.
We spent a little over 3 hours today on the exterior. I did the bottom half, Henry did the top, and it looks beautiful! We had used
Dri Wash 'n Guard on it in September, and have just used it again. From the trim, to the windows, and everything in between. Our home may be 7 years old, but it looks brand new and gets raving compliments from most everyone.

The members here at The Ranch are keeping us busy with purchases. The men are buying the product for their trucks and RVs, and now the women are wanting it to use inside their rigs. Smart ladies, because they can use it on their shower doors, the fiberglass inside the shower, countertops, appliances, mirrors and windows. It only makes good sense when just one product works on so many surfaces and with amazing results. Plus, you want to be careful with which products you use in an RV. And Dri Wash 'n Guard is absolutely safe.


Superbowl Sunday

Wendy took advantage of a sunny day and
repainted the Manager sign outside the office

"Go Bears" on the greaseboard and Monty's
Bears T-shirt collection.
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Superbowl Sunday at The Ranch. The weather was great! It's finally getting warmer here, thank goodness.

Everyone gathered at the Ranch House bringing chili, burritos, and all the typical Superbowl fixings. The rocking chairs from the front porch were brought inside, some brought their own chairs, and all circled around the big screen TV.

The football pool winnings ended up going mostly to Wendy, an avid Bears fan. (However, today she was wearing a Colts sweatshirt...??)


A Jeep and some Dri Wash n' Guard

True story. 3 days ago when we went 4 wheeling with two other couples, all 3 jeeps got a little muddy. So, we all stopped at a car wash on the way back to The Ranch. We just sprayed the mud off our jeep (no scrubbing, no waxing, no drying off) and headed home. The other two couples spent considerable time scrubbing and wiping on their jeeps.
The next morning, one of the guys approached Henry and commented on how shiny and 'polished up' our jeep was compared to his own jeep.

Dri Wash 'n Guard! We had just used it on our jeep a couple days earlier, so spraying the mud off was all that was needed to get that polished look again.
Long story short....the guy was sold and went home with some Dri Wash 'n Guard Ultra Ion. His motorcycle, his jeep, his truck AND his RV will all have the Dri Wash 'n Guard shine.

Another gentlemen in the park overheard their conversation, asked a couple questions, and said he would take two bottles.

A visitor here had come up to us when we were cleaning the truck, and had lots of questions about what we were using. "No water?" "I've got that Airstream over there, will this stuff work on it?" You bet it will! We sent a sample with him and he returned the next day to purchase two bottles for himself.

Dri Wash n' Guard is the "salesman in the bottle" without a doubt!

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Dog Canyon, Texas

(click images to enlarge)-Mud



And After...not too dirty, really.

The mud, to the snow, and back to the mud again....Dog Canyon was more of a muddy graveled road than an actual 4x4 trail. If you're looking for rocks and lots of mud, this is not the 'trail' to be on. But it was fun to get out and check out the area.

Sitting Bull Falls

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Today, we went with two other couples in our Jeeps. First stop, Sitting Bull Falls. Pretty cool! A small waterfall in the middle of nowhere.
Next, we hit an offroad 'road' to Dog Canyon, Texas. We saw snow, mud, sun, and lots of wind! It was a chilly, blustery sort of day, but we still managed to throw some mud on the jeeps and have a good time!