Gusts of 65 mph...she's blowin'!

The needlegrass sticking in the electric pole, needlegrass in the trees, there is needlegrass blowing and sticking to everything. The wind is non stop blowing today. We drove the truck in to town today, and experienced a 'brown out'. The dust was blowing so thick over the highway, visibility was zero.

The signal on the TV went out, because of the wind. Internet connection is sporadic, and cell phone coverage is not happening. Plus, the dog dislikes wind as much as I do, so does not want to even go out. (can't say I blame him).

I will be so thankful to get the heck out of here! Yes, the people are nice...but that's the only thing this place has going for it, in my opinion.

On a happier note, BlackJack got his first official grooming by Henry...he looks pretty snazzy, plus it saved us the cost of a groomer. Henry is so talented. (He gave himself a haircut, too). I'm still trying to talk him in to cutting mine, but he's resisting!

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