Another happy customer!

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How about the shine on this trailer? The man that owns it cleaned the whole thing with Dri Wash 'n Guard Ultra Ion, then did the tires with the tire treatment. He was so impressed and pleased, he went inside and cleaned the fiberglass in his shower. He had purchased the Smart Start Dealer Kit from us and is having a ball shining up everything he owns! And it shows!

For me, yesterday I used the Leather & vinyl treatment on the black enamel on my stove and oven....(as suggested by Dri Wash 'n Guard). I'm convinced! The stove looks brand new...and with the nasty water here that leaves water marks behind on everything it comes in contact with...not anymore on my stove top!

I've always been a little odd, in that cleaning has always been something I enjoyed, but I gotta say, cleaning and polishing with Dri Wash 'n Guard is the best!

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