A Jeep and some Dri Wash n' Guard

True story. 3 days ago when we went 4 wheeling with two other couples, all 3 jeeps got a little muddy. So, we all stopped at a car wash on the way back to The Ranch. We just sprayed the mud off our jeep (no scrubbing, no waxing, no drying off) and headed home. The other two couples spent considerable time scrubbing and wiping on their jeeps.
The next morning, one of the guys approached Henry and commented on how shiny and 'polished up' our jeep was compared to his own jeep.

Dri Wash 'n Guard! We had just used it on our jeep a couple days earlier, so spraying the mud off was all that was needed to get that polished look again.
Long story short....the guy was sold and went home with some Dri Wash 'n Guard Ultra Ion. His motorcycle, his jeep, his truck AND his RV will all have the Dri Wash 'n Guard shine.

Another gentlemen in the park overheard their conversation, asked a couple questions, and said he would take two bottles.

A visitor here had come up to us when we were cleaning the truck, and had lots of questions about what we were using. "No water?" "I've got that Airstream over there, will this stuff work on it?" You bet it will! We sent a sample with him and he returned the next day to purchase two bottles for himself.

Dri Wash n' Guard is the "salesman in the bottle" without a doubt!

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Pam Ridgely said...

Congrat's on your sales!!! Guess you'll need to soon order more : )
Nothing beats a demo.

Sorry I blew it and wasn't able to get your lables mailed out, promise to get them tomorrow....


Jim and JoAnn Rohn said...

What a way to get a new business going. That "salesman in the bottle is your best friend" Three squirts a day is the way to build your business.

Congrats again.
Jo Ann and Jim