Goodbye, Country Coach...Hello, Condo

Tomorrow is the big day! We turn the coach over to its new owner. 9:00 a.m. we will meet them at their bank, turn over the title and receive a cashier's check as payment in full. Then we will get on with finding the hotel and checking in. We're hoping to move into the condo on Friday, but we've experienced yet another hiccup this morning, and the move in may not happen until Monday.

I vividly remember now what a pain mortgage companies can be. You need a strict paper trail for them to follow. In other words, do not make cash deposits into your bank account, because you cannot prove where the money came from. What I don't understand is why so much emplasis and importance is put on credit scores, because, really, the super high credit score isn't buying you a darn thing. Does it not prove financal responsibility? Does it not tell the world you are NOT selling crack to schoolage children? Seriously, people that sell drugs don't even have bank accounts! It's ridiculous.

The hiccup in the process today is that the loan will probably not fund until sometime Friday. It could be 9 a.m., it could be 3:00 p.m. --Our problem is that we've scheduled a move in with the HOA for Friday at 9 a.m. - but the HOA will not turn over access cards or keys until a buyer's loan is funded and they have receipt of the Warranty Deed signed by the seller. Our lender is trying to get approval for funding on Thursday and will let me know by the end of business today. If he is unable to get the approval, we can't move until Monday, and that means 3 more days in the hotel, 3 more days of the UHaul rental and Henry will have to take another day off.

All the new regulations lenders have to comply with are only hurting those above the law. I'm sure Alfonzo Rodriquez and Mohammad Allah-Kabar are still able to buy above their means, and probably able to sign and move in on the same day. Don't want to offend them, you know.

It'll be fine either way, but just prolongs it a bit. The cocktails on the balcony may have to wait until Monday evening.


Seven Days

We are quickly approaching moving day. I've started boxing things up today, and was quickly reminded how much I dislike moving. Our last move was three years ago from the Travel Supreme to this coach. Despite me barely able to walk then, it was a fairly easy move because the coach was parked no more than 5 feet from the Travel Supreme. This move will be different for sure.

Tomorrow morning we will rent a box van from U Haul, and then begin the tedious process of emptying out the coach. We're only renting a 10' van, so I hope it's big enough. It's amazing how much stuff you didn't know you had until you start putting it all in boxes. I've already boxed up our books, and that alone took three good sized boxes! 
The coach has to be emptied, cleaned and ready to turn over to the new buyer by Wed. at 8:00 a.m.
After we say our good-byes, Henry, Jack and I will head out to a hotel in downtown Dallas where we will stay until Friday.

Closing for the condo. is on Thursday.....and then Friday a.m., we drive over to our new home, and start unloading our things. We've still got furniture to buy, among other household things, but we want to fly our daughter out so she can help us....I am super excited about that part!!

Friday evening will entail a cool cocktail, or several cocktails, on our balcony of our new home. :)

There's the balcony calling my name.



Last week I posted a list of my pet peeves; misspelled words being a huge one. In reading some comments on a website today, I had to smile when this person commented on his own comment and apologized for his misspelled words...I mean his typos. Check it out:


July 21st, 2011 at 4:19 am · Reply
This is a simple yes of not (I think he meant 'or no') answer.
The answers to our dillemma regarding gorvernment (probably a typo) tyranny can be remedies (another typo) by something called “Lawfull Reballion”!?
One question… One Subject…


July 21st, 2011 at 4:20 am · Reply

My apalogies (oops) for the typos!
Oh well. Both my kids would see the humor in it, too.

I'm Sorry, But This Just Fries My Bacon!

A new promotional video released by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists. If you don't watch the video and want a quick summary, Infowars summed it up quite nicely:

"Despite encouraging viewers not to pay attention to a person’s race in determining whether or not they may be a terrorist, almost all of the scenarios in the clip proceed to portray white people as the most likely terrorists. Bizarrely, nearly every single one of the “patriotic” Americans who reports on their fellow citizen is either black, Asian or Arab. Imagine if the video had portrayed every terrorist as an Arab and every patriotic snoop as white, there’d be an outcry and rightly so, but this strange reversal must have been deliberate on the part of the DHS, but why? Is this merely political correctness taken to the extreme or is something deeper at work?"

If you do watch the video, take your blood pressure medicine first.


*Update*They came, They looked, They saw...and are buying!

.....and they even made an offer. Henry drives a hard bargain and countered back. So close, yet so far away. Ugh. **Update**..Agreed upon terms.

They loved everything about the rig. Who wouldn't, right? It's a Country Coach after all, with all the bells and whistles and is immaculate, both inside and out. The timing would work out well for them, plus they live only an hour from Dallas.

We are exactly 10 days away from closing on the condo. and if we don't have to put the rig in storage, it really would be ideal all the way around.

As we have learned, it ain't over till the money's in your hand! But, it's looking pretty good.


Mixin' It Up

Great news! Someone is actually coming to look at the motorhome tomorrow! If he in fact shows up, that is. I've got a good feeling about it, as he's emailed half a dozen times, called twice, and I think he's a serious buyer. Keep your fingers crossed!
Yeah, yeah, I know. The Sugarland video is too large. Don't you agree though that Sugarland is waayyyy better than Zeppelin??? I only put Zeppelin up because they are one of Henry and Brian's favorite groups.


Kissed by an Angel & sent to us by God ~~~~7-17-87~~~~

(doubleclick for full screen-easier to see)

We love you Baby Girl! Happy Birthday, Amanda.

Saturday Stories

I told you. It's all about going green. How about a green bikini? Not the color green, but rather the style of going green. This suit, if buried under dirt (why would you bury a swimsuit) will decompose in 180 days. Woo hoo! Just what everyone needs, suit that self destructs when buried. Are they nuts? You can read all about it here. It's made from plant starch and some are made with wood pulp and recycled plastic bottles. goodness.
Tragic story about the guy who disappeared in a blowing hole in Maui. BUT. Perhaps he should not have been so close. Perhaps he should have realized the real danger. The story is here. His girlfriend is now saying there should have been warning signs posted. Ay yi yi. Shouldn't common sense come into play at some point with people?  I don't know.

While in Yellowstone last summer, we actually witnessed a group of tourists ignore the warning signs about the boiling water 'holes',  as they walked up to within about a foot of them. Even if they couldn't actually read the sign because it was in English, the signs were obviously screaming 'caution' 'warning' .....'pay attention, dummy'. But, nope. They just wandered around aimlessly on the soft bubbly surface.
If TSA does the groping it's perfectly legal. Grope TSA. Face a felony charge of sexual abuse. That's what this lady did. Drudge has the story.
An earthquake this week in Costa Rica caused a river to completely disappear. Totally STRANGE.


Happy Anniversary Brian and Sarah!



Maddie, age 3, with her mom

 It's difficult not being able to see my son and his wife, and especially my grandkids. You don't just pick up and drive to Alaska like you can do from state to state in the lower 48, and I don't foresee them moving anytime soon. Meanwhile the kids are growing up. ~~ Anyway, I hope they can find a sitter for the kids and treat themselves to dinner out somewhere tonight!


You Can't Fix Stupid

Wal-Mart vs..The Morons

1. Americans spend $36,000,000 at Wal-Mart every hour of every day.
2. This works out to $20,928 profit every minute!
3. Wal-Mart will sell more from January 1 to St.Patrick's Day (March 17th) than Target sells all year.
4. Wal-Mart is bigger than Home Depot + Kroger + Target + Sears + Costco + K-Mart combined.
5. Wal-Mart employs 1.6 million people, is the world's largest private employer,and most speak English.
6. Wal-Mart is the largest company in the history of the world.
7. Wal-Mart now sells more food than Kroger and Safeway combined, and keep in mind they did this in     only fifteen years.
8. During this same period, 31 big supermarket chains sought bankruptcy.
9. Wal-Mart now sells more food than any other store in the world.
10.Wal-Mart has approx 3,900 stores in the USA of which 2,906 are Super Centers; this is 1,000 more
     than it had five years ago.
11.This year 7.2 billion different purchasing experiences will occur at Wal-Mart stores. (Earth's population
     is approximately 6.5 Billion.)
12.90% of all Americans live within fifteen miles of a Wal-Mart.
13.Wal-Mart has gross sales that total more than the total revenue of all the countries in the world, except 6.

You may think that I am complaining, but I am really laying the ground work for suggesting that MAYBE we should hire the guys who run Wal-Mart to fix the economy.
This should be read and understood by all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, EVERYONE!!
To the President and all 535 voting members of the Legislature, both parties. It is now official - you are ALL corrupt morons:

A.The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775. You have had 234 years to get it right and it is broke.
B.Social Security was established in 1935. You have had 74 years to get it right and it is broke.
C.Fannie Mae was established in 1938. You have had 71 years to get it right and it is broke.
D.War on Poverty started in 1964. You have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to "the poor" and they only want more.
E.Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. You have had 44 years to get it right and they are broke.
F.Freddie Mac was established in 1970. You have had 39 years to get it right and it is broke.
G.The Department of Energy was created in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 billion a year and we import more oil than ever before. You had 32 years to get it right and it is an abysmal failure.!!!

You have FAILED !!! in every "government service" you have shoved down our throats while overspending our tax dollars. AND YOU WANT AMERICANS TO BELIEVE YOU CAN BE TRUSTED WITH A GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM ??
"You can't fix stupid,but you can vote it out."

AWESOME!!! Thank you, Renee!!


6:00 a.m., Thursday, Dallas - Hundreds of people rushed the Jesse Owens Building in downtown Dallas to line up for Section 8 rental vouchers....federally subsidized vouchers that pay a portion of your rent. You have to watch the video! As hundreds scrambled to get in line, things got a bit out of hand and 7 people had to be treated for injuries. As the line formed, there ultimately ended up being THOUSANDS standing in line. For those that don't get the Section 8 vouchers, will most likely be waiting up to two years to apply again.
As you watch the video, notice two things. Besides the obvious mad dash.
Incredible. What has happened to the people in this country?


Ready To Go

Something serene, something peaceful and something cool.

Pet Peeves

Things that annoy us. It could be something people do, or something they say. Could be the littlest thing that bothers only you. Could be the biggest pet peeve of all pet peeves that annoys tons of people.

I'm pretty sure everyone has at least one. Me? I've got several. Just ask Henry. I believe he knows every single one of mine, and the list is not short. Here goes:

  1. When in the grocery store and someone parks their cart in the middle of the aisle.
  2. When in the grocery store and two people are parked in the aisle talking.
  3. Dog owners that do not clean up after their dogs.
  4. Stepping on gum that someone rudely dropped in the parking lot.
  5. Misspelled words. (this one is a huge pet peeve of mine)
  6. Receiving misinformation not once, but twice, from the same company.
  7. Being seated in a near empty restaurant right smack dab next to another party, with a baby.
  8. Driving in an unknown area with road construction and following detour signs that suddenly stop.
  9. Talking to liberals. The lights are on, but clearly nobody is home.
  10. Canceling a service and waiting up to 8 weeks for the refund.
  11. Buying meat only to realize when you're cooking dinner that the meat is bad.
  12. Hypocrites.
  13. Waiting an hour in the waiting room at the doctor's office, only to wait another hour in the exam room.
  14. Standing in line at a restaurant to pay the bill. This should NEVER happen.
  15. People that think they know everything. They've seen it all and done it all.
  16. People that have been to Alaska one time and are instantly the expert.
  17. Did I mention misspelled words?
  18. Women with young babies in the hot sun that don't cover the child's head.
  19. Parents that constantly yell at their children.
  20. Goodness, I can't think of anymore.
Yup. I said it wasn't short. Maybe I should work on not letting some of these bother me.
Oops. Just thought of one more.
I hate when you say 'hello' or wave to someone and they just look at you. Hmmm. That one might be a bigger irritant than misspelled words. No. No. The misspelled words is a biggie.


Scare Tactics

My, my, my. Raise the debt ceiling or Social Security checks and Veteran's checks may not go out on time.
In his own words:

"I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3 if we haven't resolved this issue, because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it," Obama said in an interview scheduled to air on the CBS Evening News Tuesday evening.
"This is not just a matter of Social Security checks," Obama said. "These are veterans checks, these are folks on disability and their checks. There are about 70 million checks that go out."

HEY! Wait one minute! Is he saying 'they' have spent the money in the lock box. i.e. Social Security???
Nooooo, that cannot be. *total sarcasm.*

No worries though. Bernanke also came out today and strongly suggested the possibility of another stimulus.

That's my rant for today.

On the lighter side, just a little over two weeks until we close on the condo. and can move in. Woo hoo!!
Still no buyer for the motorhome, so I guess she'll be going into storage for now. I get emails and phone calls from lots of people about the coach, and then they make a ridiculous low offer and say that's all they can do. Next phone call I get like that I'm going to tell them perhaps they should be looking at a Winnebago. For the most part, people that inquire do not know anything about Country Coach, and then we get the few that say, 'well, you know, it's over that 100k mile mark'.  ----It's a DIESEL ENGINE. 117k is nothing.
Quite frustrating. We will continue to bump the ads up and hopefully someone will come along with money and some common sense.


I would love to have this car in my backyard...if I had a backyard that is.

This has got to be the coolest idea ever! Kudos to the one that came up with it, and Thank you, Renee for sending it to me. It's too hot in Texas for an outdoor barbecue, but in Montana, what a blast!

Seeing Red

The 'new' going green lightbulbs

This is your carbon footprint
Going Green. It's all the rage. Today I was standing in line at the post office, and I couldn't believe it when I saw two or three signs on their counter about 'going green', and 'saving the planet.' Heck, they even sell re-usable bags you can purchase...at the post office! We've seen them in the stores. Buy the bag, use the bag, save the planet. Question. Why don't they just give us the bag if they believe so strongly in what they're pushing?  Never mind. I know the answer. Money.

Three years ago, I posted about paper vs. plastic, and glass vs. plastic.  Lots has changed since then because today everyone is riding the 'go green' wave. Take a look at this site, appropriately called treehugger.com. As you scroll through the site you'll recognize some names and organizations, most notably the EPA, Al Gore and Ashoka. Never heard of Ashoka? Van Jones is part of this nonprofit organization and the author of 'The Green Collar Economy'.  Jones also founded Green For All, another 'go green' nonprofit organization. There are some big name donors to Green for All, including Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, and the Open Society Institute. -It's about money, not saving the planet. The money flows from one non-profit to another, padding their own pockets along the way.

Today, we have 'green' banks, 'green' ad agencies, 'green' automobiles, 'green' clothing....and literally hundreds, if not thousands, 'green' nonprofit organizations.  There's lots of green to be made by forcing the rest of us to go green. It's Cap and Trade by a horse of a different color....EPA.

As for the reusable green bags- no thanks. I'll stick with the reusable plastic bag that they forced us to use over twenty years ago. --If they are truly polluting the earth, why not start by teaching children to use a waste receptacle instead of the highway.



Go to the mall, don't spend a dime, earn $12.00

We've had visitors the last couple days. My brother, niece and granddaughter started out on a road trip from Colorado and their first stop...Dallas.

While it's wonderful to see family, to have two 14 year old girls around is an experience all its own. Either today's teenagers are much different than when I was their age, or the world has changed. I think it's the latter.

Did you know if you put two 14 year olds in the same room together, each with a cell phone, they will actually text to each other instead of talking? Seriously.

Whatever happened to reading books or going for a walk, conversing with others, looking at the scenery? These girls are on a road trip for the next two weeks and the only thing they want to do is text.....and shop.

Yesterday, we considered going to Six Flags, but with the temperatures in triple digits, we decided it would be a waste of money because 'they' (the girls) would be complaining about the heat in an hour...so, my brother suggested the mall. He was much too generous, or insane (I haven't decided yet)... and gave them each $150 spending money. Just decided. Insane.

Now, mall shopping, or any shopping for that matter, is one thing I absolutely hate, but away we went. While in the mall, I was singled out by a couple women and asked if I would take a few minutes and complete a survey for them. Sure, why not. I'm just following two teenagers around anyway, wishing I was home finishing my book. They asked my age. I told them. And they said 'oh, we will pay you $12.00 for taking the survey.' Sweet!

They ushered me into a room, put a headband type monitor on me, hooked me to a computer and I answered the questions, and blinked, like the computer asked. I've no idea what they were surveying and I didn't ask, but in a few minutes I was done and they handed me a check for $12.00!
Not bad for a few minutes of my time, right?
The girls? Their money was gone in less than an hour. *Poof*, just like that. Bracelets, earrings, shorts, flip flops....things they'll either not like or wear in a week's time.
They left this morning originally planning to go east to KY. and TN., but I think the traffic here spooked my brother. He's lived in Alaska for over 40 years, so he's not used to all the commotion. Change of travel plans for them. They are headed to Arizona to see Sedona, Jerome and the Grand Canyon. Hmmm. I wonder if the girls cell phones will work at the Grand Canyon?? Oh-oh.



Book #3

I am almost finished with the last book in the series. I should have been done with it already, but some days I don't know where the time goes as I find myself near the end of a day and haven't even picked up the book. Henry would say I spend too much time reading political stuff online....
Mockingjay is just as riveting as the first two books. Amanda was right. She promised I would love them, and sure enough. I highly recommend the series to anyone that enjoys suspense.


Phoenix Dust Storm

Talk about a wall of dust. I am so thankful our daughter was not out driving when this came through. She said it was scary, but awesome. (she's weird like that). :)


Now, THAT'S what I'm talking About!

Okay, the embedded video is too large, but I'm leaving it up anyway. This is a must watch video. This little boy's expressions are priceless. And his talent? Well, that speaks for itself.
Thank you, Renee!! Awesome!

This one was too good to not Share

When top level guys look down, they see only shitheads…

When bottom level guys look up, they see only assholes.

Never seen a Flow Chart described so clearly.

Thanks, Smokey! I love it!


We've All Seen Them

.......the lady with 3-5 kids at the grocery store. Her cart is full of food you'd probably never buy yourself, because A)you're trying to save on the cost of your groceries...or B)who needs all the junk food? -
TOTAL: $135.67 - payment method: SNAP (formerly known as food stamps)

.......the able bodied young man, between the age of 18-22, with the pregnant girl, holding the 10 month old baby. They've got milk, cheese, peanut butter and a ton of diapers in their cart.
TOTAL: $122.13 - payment method: WIC coupons (y'all know what that is).

Well, today we were in for quite the treat at Wal-Mart. Henry and I had been out looking at bedding, pots and pans, silverware, towels, and furniture. We stopped for lunch at a place called Pluckers Wings.( Henry ordered the wings, and I had the waffle fries smothered with cheese, bacon and sour cream. ) ---Sorry, back to Wal-Mart. We were just buying beer and wine, so went up to the tobacco counter to avoid the long lines. There was a young gal in front of us. She was buying Similac baby formula.....25 small cans.
TOTAL: $100.14  Payment method:  LONE STAR CARD  .....That would be the State of Texas food stamp card. Looks like this:

Here's the absolutely hilarious (not), spit in your coffee, blood boiling, 'are you freakin' kidding me??!!' part:
We paid for our beer and wine (VISA) - out to the parking lot. Here comes the gal with her bags of Similac.....as she uses her keyless entry to unlock her
LEXUS SUV!!! A LEXUS SUV!!! Not an old beat up Lexus. A Shiny, new black, Lexus SUV!
Something is terribly wrong in this 'new' world we're living in, guys.


Happy Birthday, America

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO EVERYONE! Celebtrate your Independence!


Seeing Red, White and Blue

Stars and Stripes Forever

From Washington State to Arizona, on to St. Louis, up to Chicago, or down to Orlando, July 4th festivities here

For something a little different, how about visiting a Tavern in New Jersey

In Houston, they are celebrating the Fourth at the wineries. Sounds different and fun!

Last, but certainly not least, in Girdwood, Alaska, it is the popular Girdwood Forest Fair! I enjoyed attending this when we lived in Alaska. It's FREE, it's kind of crunchy granola, and it's laid back.

FOOD!! Forget  In -N- Out Burgers....how about the Outside-In Burger? RECIPE IS HERE

OR a Foot Long Chili Dog with the  Works. RECIPE HERE

Getting hungry now!!! I may be seeing red, white and blue, but I'm thinking tamales, rice and beans... Mexican food for Dinner again. :)


Countdown. 4, 3, 2, 1

On the 4th of July 1776, the United States of America was born. It was on this date that We The People officially claimed our independence from Britain and a Democratic Republic was born.Our independence "was and is drenched in the blood of our citizens who were and are willing to die for freedom from tyranny, and to maintain liberty."