Paper Or Plastic? Remember When....

A-typical water bottle
plastic Coke bottle
Roll of plastic bags

Remember when, 'paper or plastic' used to be the question at the checkout stand? Back then, the 'tree huggers', environmentalists, crunchy granolas....whatever you care to call them, were pushing the plastic on us. Why? Because, they told us we were killing a tree every time we used a paper bag. It was all about saving the planet.
So, we eventually succumbed, and have been hauling our groceries to our cars in plastic bags for the past 20 years. Everything comes in a plastic bag today. From our groceries to the bag of macaroni to doggy poop bags. But NOW, guess what???

Now, they say, the plastic bags are ruining our environment. What!? Yup. Our highways are littered with these pesky plastic bags. I don't know all the reasons why the liberal whackos have flip flopped on this....I do, however, know that plastic bags are a byproduct of crude oil...for what it's worth.

Then we have the plastic water bottles. You know. We all drink our bottled water from these cute little plastic bottles. Hey, we didn't decide to put the water in plastic bottles. It's what's on the shelf and we buy it. Period. Soda used to be in glass bottles. Remember the cool Coca-Cola bottles? Then, somewhere through the years, someone, probably another liberal whacko, decided the glass bottles were polluting our environment. So, they started putting soda in plastic. But, those darn plastic bottles (like the plastic bags) are not good for our health, not good for our planet, just plain not good! Well, that's what the 'experts' are telling us....today.

Frankly, I'm about fed up with it all. Which reminds me, drilling in ANWR. Remember Bill Clinton? In 1995 , Clinton vetoed drilling in ANWR. Had he not, oil would be flowing through pipes today, thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Today, the Democrats are saying....'there would be no point in drilling ANWR now, because it would take too long.' Idiots!!

Flooding in Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin....expect even higher food prices.
Gas Prices: National average as of today: $4.05/gallon. No need to worry though. The Energy Department says gas should stay around $4.00/gallon through 2009. Whew. Thanks guys. Do they really think we are so stupid as to believe anything at all that comes out of Washington?
Barack Obama: What a scary guy. Even scarier thought....the american people LOVE him.

Our country has been in the toilet for a long time, but I think someone has their hand on the handle... and they're getting ready to flush.

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