$8.00 A Gallon??!! Obama as President??! Yikes!

If the Climate Bill passes the Senate, we could be looking at $8.00 a gallon! Yikes!

And....have you heard that some Clinton donors are now giving their money to McCAIN??!!

BTW, Obama will most likely be our next president! As much as I didn't care for Hillary Clinton, I would have much preferred she won the Democratic Nomination.....Barack Obama as President is ONE scary scenario! Please go to http://www.truthaboutobama.org/ to learn about this racist candidate. The american people have made a huge mistake, and we as a country, are about to embark on a journey never before seen in our history as a country.

Let's look:

Obama has been a member of Trinity Church of Christ for the past 20 years.
He was married in the church. His children were baptized by Reverend Wright.
Trinity Church has received $15 Million in the past 15 years from OUR U.S. Government!!
A church (non profit) receiving grants from the government? What is going on!
Reverend Wright is an extreme racist against white people...his words speaks for themselves.
Obviously, Obama has agreed with Reverend Wright's preaching or he wouldn't have been sitting in his church for the past 20 years. You ARE like the people you run with!
Obama has never served in the military.
His political career....a short 11 years....the last 4 years as a weak senator.
What bills has he sponsored, supported? None!
Is he really a Muslim? I believe he is. *watch and wait.
Is his wife really racist as is claimed? I believe she is. *time will confirm.

I understand how the american people are fed up with the current adminstration and the toll the Iraqi war has taken.....but PLEASE, let's not be completely stupid here, people! John McCain may not be young, he may not be charismatic...but he does have experience in diplomatic affairs. Please vote Republican in November!

Sidenote: BlackJack's golf ball count: 41!

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