Drill ANWR

This is what ANWR really looks like!

Bears playing on the Alaska Pipeline

Plenty of Caribou - No impact whatsover!

My daughter is fed up with the high price of fuel and supports drilling in ANWR. Her determination has her taking action and she is working on setting up her own website to support the drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The Democrats today are saying it will take 10 years if we start drilling in ANWR now. Two things on this statement that I would like to remind them of:

1. If Bill Clinton had NOT vetoed drilling in ANWR in 1995, oil would be flowing today, thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
2. With today's technology, it will not take 10 years. Some say within 2 years.

I heard on the news yesterday that 67% of Americans are now in favor of offshore drilling. Even John McCain has changed his position and is calling for the ban to be lifted on offshore drilling. Funny, isn't it? 67% of Americans are okay with it now....could it be because it's hitting them a little hard in the pocketbook? I think so!

Unfortunately, the Democrats are also talking about nationalizing the oil refineries. Bad idea! Sounds like more Government control to me...and we all know what greed does...especially to our Government. Can you imagine what the price of gas would be if our Government gets their hands on it?

I blame the environmentalists for not drilling in ANWR. As you can see from the pictures above, the caribou and bear are surviving and thriving well with the pipeline as their playground. And, for them to say that ANWR is pristine land and should remain untouched is such a crock of crap. Obviously, none of them (McCain included) have never been there.

For all the 'greenies' out there that feel you are doing your part, look at this SHORT list of some of the products we use every day that are byproducts of oil:

Fertilizers (farms/food supply), medicines, plastics, insulation, computers, asphalt, inks & toners, paints, glues, solvents, antiseptics, golf balls, CDs trash bags, nail polish, detergents, chewing gum, etc.

So, unless you're willing to go back to the horse and buggy, take a hard look at what it is you're really saying. Take Al Gore for example. Mr. 'I'm going green'...'save the earth' himself. He invested a lot of money on his house in Tennessee by installing solar panels and whatever else to reduce his dependence on energy. Interestingly enough, this past year he used 12% MORE electricity than he did last year. ???!!!

Drill ANWR and do it now.

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