The Knee Injury Saga Continues

"Let's do another MRI! And...then, we will see if there's any damage to the bones. And, we will see how large that Baker's cyst is. And, we will confirm there are no torn ligaments. And, then, we may have to go in the operating room and see what's going on. Because, I was expecting to see much more improvement by this time."

'Wise' words that came from the doctor today.

Is this whole thing a joke? Or maybe just a really bad dream? THREE MONTHS of walking on these damn crutches. Three months of not being able to bend or straighten my leg. Three months of no answers from doctors. If there are no torn ligaments, no BROKEN bones, then why in the hell am I not able to walk?

Oh, by the way, Insurance companies suck! You can't get through to them....they don't return phone calls or emails....you can't get the same information twice....you can't get reliable information because they have idiots working for them.....AND....you will grow old and die before they even review your claim. You will be buried 6 feet under with dying carnations at the foot of your headstone before they write the checks.

One more by the way. I am so sick and tired of not being able to do simple every day things. Can't stand on the chair to dust the wood valances or ceiling fan. Can't vacuum. Can't walk the garbage to the dumpster. Can't drive. Can't work. Can't go to the grocery store alone. Can't sleep through the night. Can't run and play with my dog. Can't wear shorts because my upper leg has lost all muscle tone and it looks disgusting. Can't carry 6 bottles of water to the refrigerator...(it takes 3 trips one way). Can't make a trip to Oregon to see my granddaughter. Can't take a flight to Anch. to see my grandson and newest granddaughter. Can't go hiking. Can't go geocaching. Can't go jeeping. Can't get in our truck.

On the bright side...I am able to clean the shower now..it takes only 2 hours. And, I can change the sheets on the bed....takes about 45 minutes. So, I guess I'm adapting.....the bummer is.....IF I was enduring all of this hell as a result of my own stupidity....like skiing, for example. OR bungi jumping, or whitewater rafting, then OKAY. I'd probably be in a cast for a couple months, then I'd be on the road to recovery. Hmmm.....as I ponder this....I'd be in better shape if I had injured myself as a result of my own stupidity.

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