Awesome Day!

We spotted this guy just standing oh so still....

the highlight of the day. A gorgeous fawn on the road!

She was adorable...big ears....little white spots....

BlackJack and Dad checkin' out the jeep

Putting the windshield down


6800' elevation. But what a sight!

Lots of snow runoff everywhere...

And our jeep found some mud!

When we left this morning it was 82 degrees in town. We were headed to the mountains for a little cooler weather and hopefully see some wildlife, run through some mud and maybe even climb a rock or two. When we arrived back in town, several hours later, it was 96 degrees! She's a hot one baby!

The little blue jeep is ready to rock and roll. It's now got a roll cage! We packed a lunch, several bottles of water and BlackJack. He was harnessed and hooked, the jeep locked and loaded, and we were ready for some fun. One quick stop to fill our tank ($4.13/gallon) and grab a bag of ice, and we were heading out of town towards Tampico. The higher in altitude we got, the cooler the temperature, but surprisingly, it was still very warm. I love just getting out on some dirt roads where there is actually scenery to look at, and always the hope of spotting a deer or elk.....or maybe a mountain lion!

Because our jeep is fully open, we get to take in all the wonderful scents of the outdoors! I absolutely love it! Incredibly tall pine trees are everywhere here, so the scent of pine is all around us as we drive. Then we notice a carpet of gorgeous purple low lying flowers mixed in with a cute yellow bloom. But the scent is what I love! I think it's plumeria or gardenia. My husband thinks it's honeysuckle. We both know it is not the purple or the yellow flowers we are seeing, but yet we are not seeing anything else.....only smelling it.... .and it is fantastic!!

Maybe I just haven't been out much lately, and that's why I loved today, but I know that's not it. I have always loved a drive in to the woods, or to the ocean...the smells...the sights....

And the wildlife! Oh my gosh! Like my husband said, the exclamation point of our day was the little baby fawn we spotted right in front of us on the road as we were heading down the mountain. I don't where its mom was, we never saw her....but I am sure she was nearby. That little baby was adorable! Wish I could have gotten better pictures to do it justice.

That was our day today!! BlackJack had a good time, too, but I think we wore him out, because right now he is out like a light.

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