Jack And Our Jeep Run

Playing around...it's BlackJack or Black Jemima?

The pictures never do the 'hills' justice.

What fun!!

9 vehicles on this run.

Running the ridge.

Our little blue jeep, 'not too pretty to get dirty'

Airing the tires down before setting out.
Saturday was another great day on our jeep run. The weather was awesome! Blue skies, sunshine and probably in the mid 60's. We met at a Chevron station around 9:00, then headed for the ridge....which means a narrow trail that runs along the ridge of the mountains. Not too high up, but pretty thrilling when you approach the top and cannot see the other side, or IF there is another side....and then, which way? Left, right, or straight across?
We stopped for our lunch break at a place called 'Wishful Thinking'. The dogs (only 4 this week) got to run and play while the rest of us ate our lunch and visited.
All in all, it was a fantastic day!


"It's Gonna Be A Catastrophe!"

OH-OH! Click on the title for some scary news about our economy. Dated Today.

Remember last September when our former President and members of the House and CONgress stood in front of the camera and told us if the $700 Billion bailout wasn't approved, our country would see a collapse worse than the Great Depression?

Well, I remember. The House voted NO. Then they wrapped a ***load of pork around it and hurled it through the Senate. Or was it the other way around? No matter. Now, looks like Obama may have to ask for $1 trillion to 'save' the banks. Yep. A TRILLION DOLLARS. Ouch. that one's gonna leave a mark.

Since September, we have bailed out the auto industry, Check out this link for the latest GM news.... http://www.reuters.com/article/ousiv/idUSTRE5161PX20090207 Gosh, I thought the billions we gave them would save everyone's job, now looks like they're going to fire up to 5,000 salaried people. Ya think GM really gives a rat's ass about the American people and their jobs? Nope. It's all about the money. Always was.

We (well I didn't vote for him, but lots of Kool-Aid drinkers did) elected a new President, and are just days away from an almost $900 Billion stimulus package being passed. AND, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. NOTHING HAS GOTTEN BETTER. As a matter of fact, the economy is in worse shape right now, today, than it was last summer. More businesses are closing, more people are being layed off, and more banks than ever are failing. Three banks on Friday alone were seized by the FDIC. I believe that brings the year to date count to 9.

You can blame George Bush for the war in Iraq. You can blame 'irresponsible' homeowners for biting off more than they could chew, and you can blame the Republicans.

But, we should all be blaming our elected officials, repubs. and Dems., who have not and are not listening to the American People. It is politics as usual in D.C.....CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN?? Keep drinking.

Jeep Run To California

The "Red Leader" playing in the canal
It was raining really hard but we're never too
pretty to get dirty

Donald Duck Rock...isn't it cute?

The headstone of a dog that died in 1968. The
story goes, 'an old man loved his dog so much, that
when Lonesome died in 1968, the old man buried
him here (in the middle of nowhere) and asked
that visitors leave a rock in memory of Lonesome'

As you can see from this photo, LOTS of
people have left a rock for Lonesome over the
past 40+ years

Bones of a donkey, seen from some 50 feet above

Playing on a rock
A side trail
Chocolate Mountains

And, of course, BlackJack.
He is always ready to go Jeepin'!
It was a long day. We all met at 9:00 a.m. for an easy jeep run. There were 8 vehicles in this run which took us in to California. The weather was cloudy and rainy for the most part of the day, but a little rain and mud just makes it all that more enjoyable. After all, what else would be doing?
We saw Chocolate Mountain, pictured above...Ice Cream Canyon, which looks very much like scoops of different colored ice cream (that picture didn't do justice, so I'm not posting it), Donald Duck Rock, seen above....and Dog Town. Dog Town is just a spot on the trail where we all let our dogs out to exercise.
I mentioned the run was rated 'easy', which is true. But we did take a couple side trails that were a bit more moderate and just added some excitement. By the end of the day, water was covering the roads, and the dirt had turned to soupy mud. Our jeep began the day clean, but came home muddy, dirty and tired.....just as we did. What an awesome day!
Our motto is, 'We are not too pretty to get dirty!'