Jack And Our Jeep Run

Playing around...it's BlackJack or Black Jemima?

The pictures never do the 'hills' justice.

What fun!!

9 vehicles on this run.

Running the ridge.

Our little blue jeep, 'not too pretty to get dirty'

Airing the tires down before setting out.
Saturday was another great day on our jeep run. The weather was awesome! Blue skies, sunshine and probably in the mid 60's. We met at a Chevron station around 9:00, then headed for the ridge....which means a narrow trail that runs along the ridge of the mountains. Not too high up, but pretty thrilling when you approach the top and cannot see the other side, or IF there is another side....and then, which way? Left, right, or straight across?
We stopped for our lunch break at a place called 'Wishful Thinking'. The dogs (only 4 this week) got to run and play while the rest of us ate our lunch and visited.
All in all, it was a fantastic day!


Mike McFall said...

You might want to check out our PowerTank, for your tires while out 4 wheeling. We're sure selling a lot of them.

Enjoy your Blog!


Just Us said...

Thanks anyway Mike, but we don't need a pressure tank, we've got onboard air.

Hope you and Pat are well.

Mike McFall said...

Would that "on board air" be YOU, or HENRY???
Sorry 'bout that,,couldn't resist.:-)
See my Blog:
www.mikepatstravels.blog. Or just google Mike & pats travels...

take care