As this blog was mentioned earlier this evening while sitting around with friends having a cocktail, I got to thinking......I need to get off my a** and start posting something. We obviously are doing something, right?

There obviously is LOTS going on with our economy and our new President....holy cow. Where to ever begin with that I have no clue.

Could it be the spend, spend, spend, or his apparent love of the camera (himself standing in front of it) that I detest? I'm going with both.

Yo Mama Obama is sending and spending our country right down a huge black hole. The stock market has lost 50% of its value in the past 12 months. I know, I know, all the Bush haters will tell you it's all HIS fault. Guess what, guys? Bush sounded the alarm about our economy/Fannie & Freddie as far back as April, 2001. Even Alan Greenspan warned about the dire consequences, in 2003. Their warnings went unheard and/or ignored by Congress and the Media.

And....here we are, 2009. 1 in 5 houses are in foreclosure. Tomorrow, expect the jobless numbers to be the highest ever. GM is running out of money...again. (shock!) AIG just got another bailout. Everyone's getting bailed out, yet none of it is making a difference.

Plan by design?????? Yeah, I'm goin' with that one. Obama is bankrupting our country....it is called Socialism. And if you can't see it, God help you.

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