More Awesome Jeeping

Deere Run B&B-click to read the sign

Deere Run B&B

Clean, organized, everything one needs

Someone has really done a neat thing
here for hikers or 4 wheelers

What a view

Old Mine Shaft on the 'oh sh** run'

Yup...Oh sh** run.


Leading to the old mine shaft
A narrow shelf road and some pretty steep inclines were part of yesterday's jeep run. The guys spent the day jeeping, while we girls went in to Mexico and ran some errands.
Deere Run B&B is a pretty cool setup that someone put together. Complete with concrete pad, firewood, briquettes, water, newspaper (to start a fire) and lawn chairs. Oh, and most important, an American flag flying proudly. Ya never know what you may found when you wander in to the desert....including the old mine shaft they checked out. You can see BlackJack in some of the pictures..he went with the guys.
In the evening, we had a campfire and watched yet again the moon being a spectacular sight.

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