Southwest Oregon Coast

Camping spot for the night

Great picture of a starfish

several starfish...and...???

Jellyfish (click on images to enlarge)


Interesting sea life.

I know this one! A starfish hanging on to the
rock. It is alive.

View from our motorhome.

BlackJack and Dad running on the beach

Today we traveled all of 208 miles and have stopped for the night at a pullout overlooking the Pacific Ocean in southwest Oregon. The view is phenomenal with the ocean and rocks. Yes, it is cloudy and not very warm. Probably in the low 50's.
We were glad to cross out of California and in to Oregon. So far, we are liking the Oregon Coast much better than the California coast. Could be because California has far too many rules, like:
'share the road with bicycles' - On a very narrow, very winding, 30mph road. Don't think so!
'2 hour limit on parking' - On turnouts off the highway.
'No beach access' - What's the point if you can't walk to the beach?
Oh, Oh, Oh!!! And 'it is illegal to for a man to urinate in the woods'. He may be a sexual predator...give me a break. Men have been peeing on trees in the woods since the beginning of time, and believe me, that is the ONLY thing on their mind.
Anyway, up the Oregon coast we go!

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