Yellowstone National Park

Our little blue jeep - what a backdrop!

It was tough getting a great picture of these elk as there
were so many people around and the cops were cornering
off the area to protect the elk

Had this RV not stopped RIGHT in the way, this would
have been a great picture.

The Bull elk (you can see him laying down) was proud as his harem surrounded and protected him. Typical man vs. woman thing I guess.
During our time in Yellowstone, we only made it into the park twice, this being one of those times. All in all, we honestly think Alaska is far more beautiful with more to see in the wildlife as well, so we didn't get all worked up with the hype of Yellowstone. Not to take anything from it, as Yellowstone is a natural raw beauty in its own right.....if you're from the east coast. Sorry, if you've ever been to Alaska, you'll know what I'm talking about. Enough said.