January Flew By

I had surgery this month, (female stuff) so that threw a small twist in to our day to day stuff.

The surgery was my first (ever), so I was a bit nervous about the hospital, the IV, the actual surgery, and of course, the recovery. But, it all went really well! Hospital staff was wonderful, the Doctor fantastic, so my worries were for nothing.

Even recovery is going very well. Yay!

Now, maybe I can get back to my life.....including posting to this blog.


Pet Peeve...Spelling.

I don't know why this is so annoying to me, but why can't people use spellcheck on their computer or Webster's? Is it that they THINK they're spelling a word correctly, or do they simply just not care?

The word 'definitely' is the most misspelled word on the internet...according to Digg.

Misspelled words jump out at me for some reason, whether it is in a book, newspaper, the internet or the most annoying is a misspelled word on a sign. You would think one would be damn sure they had the spelling correct on a sign they were posting!

Then, there is the little 'out of context' thing. Like, they're, their and there. Or were, we're. Or to and too.

They're = they are....as in: 'they're (are) going to the store.
Their = their house, their clothes, etc.....
There = There will be no more misspelled words. OR, 'there she goes'.

alright, just a little rant there.


New Year's Day Jeep Ride

No problem.

Anticipating the climb

The weather was warm today so we thought a ride in the jeep was in order. BlackJack loves going so we put his harness on him and leashed him up.

We drove the trails and the washes....went up a couple blind hills and had fun for a couple hours.
It's always fun to get out in the jeep and see what kind of trouble we can get into!

Happy New Year...2009, wow! That's crazy.