Date Night...Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Hypocrisy at its best. While BO and MO jet to New York City on our tax dollars for dinner and a broadway show.........

GM is about to file bankruptcy, laying off 20,000 workers.
Unemployment figures keep rising to the tune of 600,000 per MONTH.
Foreclosures rise to record numbers, affecting 1 in 8 homeowners.
North Korea continues to test missiles (even after our scolding....ha)
The war continues in Iraq.
The war continues in Afghanistan.

Not to say the Obamas shouldn't have a night together, obviously. Point is, our country is in the toilet economically, Obama himself says we 'need to tighten our belts', and what about carbon emissions? The hypocrisy speaks volumes. But then again, I am not surprised.

Maybe they should have done it on their own dime, and not ours.


Shariah Law Comes To Somalia

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Sharia Law = Islam Law.

For a little background on Somali and insight (warning: graphic) click on the link below.


As Islam grows in strength with millions around the world...YES, even in OUR country....Sharia Law always follows... changing the way muslims will treat non believers, under their laws (Sharia).

You need only to look to Britain to see how an independent country has become an Islam stronghold.

Obamassiah in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

'The One' was in Rio Rancho, New Mexico yesterday speaking at a town hall meeting.
What you did NOT see on the mainstream media was the crowd...another tea party, if you will, protesting outside.
I love the sign above!


Hospitals and insurance companies said Thursday that President Obama had substantially overstated their promise earlier this week to reduce the growth of health spending.

Mr. Obama invited health industry leaders to the White House on Monday to trumpet their cost-control commitments.
But three days later, confusion swirled in Washington as the companies’ trade associations raced to tamp down angst among members around the country.

After meeting with six major health care organizations, Mr. Obama hailed their cost-cutting promise as historic.
“These groups are voluntarily coming together to make an unprecedented commitment,” Mr. Obama said. “Over the next 10 years, from 2010 to 2019, they are pledging to cut the rate of growth of national health care spending by 1.5 percentage points each year — an amount that’s equal to over $2 trillion.”

Health care leaders who attended the meeting have a different interpretation. They say they agreed to slow health spending in a more gradual way and did not pledge specific year-by-year cuts.
“There’s been a lot of misunderstanding that has caused a lot of consternation among our members,” said Richard J. Umbdenstock, the president of the American Hospital Association. “I’ve spent the better part of the last three days trying to deal with it.”

Yeah. "Pick your target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it." - Saul Alinsky -O's playbook.


Release Photos....Don't Release Photos...geez.

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DuhObama has now done a 180...and will fight to NOT release the torture photos....He has now decided that in releasing the photos it could prove to be a national threat to our country's security.
Yeah, no kidding. I'm glad to see he is trying to do the right thing. However, he is 'fighting' to not release the photos? Why not just sign an Executive Order, and be done with it, if it is what he truly believes? I suspect this story is not over.


A Little Humor

sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Tax on Soda Pop...my, oh my

Click on title for a good laugh. After all, one can only cry so long.

Obama, Obama, Obama. "I will not raise taxes on anything...." ---Remember that?

You didn't believe him now, did you? ---You were a fool then.

They have to raise the money to pay for all his spending somehow. What did the liberals think he was going to do? Oh, never mind. Now I remember. Yes. He was just going to tax the wealthy (those making $250K or more). First off, for all you blubbering idiots...if you thought for one second he would stop there, you are my friend, a total and complete ignorant fool. Secondly, Obamassiah's spending will not stop until our country is broke and bankrupt.
Welcome to Obama World.

Better buckle up, it's going to be a long ride.......all the way down.


Obama's Socialist Health Plan

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Here is an excerpt---

A second element, which would raise $10 billion over 10 years, would require businesses and others who make payments to corporations to report such payments to the Internal Revenue Service. Under current law, payments to individuals are required to be reported on a 1099 form, but no such requirements exist for similar payments to corporations. The goal is to make sure that the recipient corporations report all their taxable income.

If you pay premiums to your employer for health insurance benefits....under Obama's plan you would pay taxes on the premiums you pay. Not only would you be paying for your own health insurance benefits, you would also be paying for those without health insurance.
Sweet, right? Remember when your worthless president said that those of you with health insurance could keep your insurance under his plan? The good news is, you could keep your own benefits. The bad news is ....obvious. You get to pay taxes on it to help pay for everyone else without insurance. Hahhaha. You didn't honestly believe it truly would be free, did you?WARNING...WARNING..WARNING.. SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IS COMING.

I have copied and pasted a couple comments from others regarding this story. Please read them.

"Nationalized health care does not and will not work. I lived in the UK for 18 months, so I speak from experience. A friend of ours had to wait 5 years (no exaggeration) for a tonsillectomy. Recently, the National Health Service announced it will not provide potentially life-savings drugs to cancer patients because it is too costly. So to those of you who think the government owes you anything, forget it. Socialism is nothing but a mausoleum: Looks great on the outside, but it's full of death and decay. "

"Corporations don't pay taxes - they pass all that cost on to the people. So this is a tax on all of us. Don't be fooled. Socialism does not work. The people with money that are productive will stop working and stop spending and stop hiring. Economics 101. "

Yup! What they said.


Flyover Scare In New York

Late on a Friday afternoon, after the close of business, Washington issues THE photo of Air Force One, or Two, or whichever one it was that scared the hell out of New Yorkers a couple weeks ago.
One photo: Cost to taxpayers: $328,000.00
White House aide Louis Caldera lost his job: (he ordered the flyover)
Personally, I think there's more to the story, and possibly, Obama threw Caldera under the bus. Hence, the picture above.

This Really Is Laughable!

Breaking today:
Treasury Secretary Turbo Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner will be in charge of catching tax cheats.
C'mon Obama....duh.

GM Takes OUR Money And Spends It Overseas

(Click on title for more) In part, here ya go:

The U.S. government is pouring billions into General Motors in hopes of reviving the domestic economy, but when the automaker completes its restructuring plan, many of the company's new jobs will be filled by workers overseas.

"The bottom line is GM would rather pay $2 an hour -- and it's a slippery slope downward," said Alan Reuther, the UAW's legislative director. "If GM is going to be getting government assistance, they ought to be maintaining their manufacturing footprint in the U.S. rather than going off to China, Mexico and South Korea."
Labor costs in those countries are far lower. While paying a U.S. autoworker with benefits costs about $54 an hour, a South Korean worker earns about $22 an hour, a Mexican worker earns less than $10 an hour and some Chinese workers can earn as little as $3 an hour, industry sources said.

For anyone pissed off because so many jobs leave the U.S. and go overseas, perhaps you could explain why we are bailing out GM and GMAC?
First, they take OUR money and spend it on production plants overseas. They'll be building the cars overseas, Then, they give our jobs to South Korea, Mexico and China.

But, hey, no worries. Obama promised to 'save and create' 5 million jobs. Just sit back, relax, and pour yourself some more Kool-Aid. I'm sure your savior will make good on his promise.
His awe inspiring words are spinning you right in to oblivion. Unfortunatley, it will be too late.

Well...That Didn't Take Long!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Friday that the Obama administration will provide "substantial support" to troubled financial firm GMAC in the form of more capital.

"We're going to provide substantial support to GMAC," Geithner said in an interview with Reuters Television.

"It's likely, again, that GMAC will need to take additional capital from the government and we'll be prepared to provide that."The Treasury and U.S. banking regulators said on Thursday that GMAC needs to raise $11.5 billion to fill a capital hole it could face if the economy were to take a turn for the worse.

Of course, GMAC will be providing financing for vehicles purchased under the new Obama controlled Congressional Motors, so of course..give 'em the $11.5 billion.

Sick. Just sick. Keep drinkin' the Kool-Aid.

Man Detained For Bumper Sticker

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Unbelievable! But, then again, not really, considering the direction our country has gone.
Cops detained this guy in Louisiania, ran a background check on him....BECAUSE OF THIS BUMPER STICKER. Why? Remember Homeland Security's little 'righ winged extremist' report? Yes. Beware of Americans that pay their taxes, work hard, and express their opinions...for they could be a threat to our country. These Americans may display bumper stickers (such as the one above), they may speak out against Government, and oh my....they may even pray in public.
This is what our country has become. I don't even recognize it anymore.


Circle Of Embrace...Fed Steals Their Land

Plans have been in the works for over four years now to build a memorial honoring the victims of Flight 93 from September 11, 2001. Flight 93 went down in a Pennsylvania field after heroic passengers took over the terrorists onboard, which resulted in the plane crashing, killing all aboard.

A couple things struck me as odd this morning when I read the article (click on title to see it). The Federal Government will be taking almost 500 acres of the 2000 acres needed for the memorial from the private landowners. Taking? I call it stealing, but anyway, from here, I was curious what this memorial was about, which led me to the National Park Service's website:


(you can read lots of lovely words used to describe what appears will be a lovely tribute) .

Hmmm. Whenever the Government is involved, things are generally not 'lovely'. So, I went looking for more, which led me to gatewaypundit's blog and a blog by the widow of a flight 93 passenger. Turns out, many are quite displeased with the design of the memorial. Reason?
The design of the memorial is strikingly similar to this:

Wikipedia says this:

The star and crescent historically was a Greek symbol, first used for the city of Byzantium in pre-Christian times and then wider in the Hellenistic world. [10] Later when they invaded the Eastern Roman Empire the Ottomans copied it and it later became associated with Islam in general, though it continued to be used by the Greeks until the final sack of Constantinople by the Turks.[11] Now its popularity among Muslims makes it comparable to the Christian cross and the Star of David. A number of Muslim-majority nations, such as Algeria, Tunisia, Comoros, Mauritania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Maldives, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and non-sovereign nations such as East Turkestan use it on their national flag.

I found the following picture. See anything similiar with the proposed memorial and the crescent/star representing Islam?

As you read further, the group of trees proposed would
represent the star, and when standing in the center, you would be facing mecca.

"This Mecca-orientation makes the giant crescent a mihrab, the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built."

Not only is the Government stealing 500 acres of private land, but they are also building a memorial that resembles the crescent and star, a symbol of Islam. Circle of embrace? I think not! Crescent of Embrace? Yes. This deserves far more attention than it is getting.


Obamassiah Cancels National Day Of Prayer!!

Are you kidding me???!!!
The National Day of Prayer was signed into law in 1952 by President Truman. President Reagan amended the law in 1988 to state that the observances would be held the first Thursday in May.
President Bush, from 2001-2008 had always cleared his calendar for National Prayer Day.
This worthless president we have in office now turns his nose up at catholics, evangelical christians, mormons, seventh day adventists, jehovah witnesses, lutherans, episcopalians, but NOT MUSLIMS. Rest assured, he will be bowing to mecca.
There will be no National Day of Prayer in the United States of America 105 days into the presidency of our first Muslim president. But, hey, it's not like he hasn't been telling us.
Obama's profession of muslim faith (please...no accident)
Obama and 57 states ....(there ARE 57 Islam states)
Obama bowing to Saudi King
Obama and the 5 pillars...(there are 5 pillars of Islam...actually 6, but the 6th is Jihad and not talked about widely)
Obama -'we are not a christian nation'
There are no words for the shame this guy has brought to our once great nation.

Transparency, Huh?

The White House won't release the photos from the almost $329,000 photo op flyover over Manhattan last week? What's up with that?

Could be, there are no photos!
Could be, Sasha, Malia and the little dog Bo were going for a joyride with Air Force One. Were the girls actually in school that day?
Could be, the big dog BO thought it would be fabulous to fly Air Force One over Manhattan in honor of his first 100 days in office.

I truly hope this story doesn't die. We have a right to see the supposed photos..after all, it was our taxpayer money. We also have a right to know the truth.

Obama promised transparency. Yup, I can see right through him....and it's not a pretty sight.

Why Weren't They Arrested?

Muslims in New York City desecrating the U.S. Flag - watch the video. Listen to what these ragheads are saying, especially at 3:56 in. Why were they not arrested? Why have we allowed these terrorists who openly hate our country in? Why do so many Americans believe that Islam is peace? There is only one logical answer to all three questions: because we do not want to 'offend' anyone.

These crazies are standing on a public street in New York City, stomping on OUR U.S. FLAG and spewing hateful crap.....and we don't want to offend? Shameful. I find it interesting that the news media does not show this crap.



Jeep Run on a sunny Sunday

There were about 7 jeeps on the run

Our 'not too pretty to get dirty' Jeep got pretty dirty

She came home covered in clumps of mud from top to bottom after plowing through water, mud and yes, even snow! All but one jeep on this run had to be winced at one point.

This weekend there is a scheduled run described as going through a creek, brush, mud....sounds like my kind of fun!


Obama's 'Making Work Pay' Tax Credit...SURPRISE!!

Before you read below, check out Michelle Obama's new tennis shoes...from high end French fashion label Lavin...cost, oh, a mere $540.00. Okay, NOW read the news below. Go.

Here is part of the article: (click on title for entire story)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Millions of Americans enjoying their small windfall from President Barack Obama's "Making Work Pay" tax credit are in for an unpleasant surprise next spring.
The government is going to want some of that money back.

The tax credit is supposed to provide up to $400 to individuals and $800 to married couples as part of the massive economic recovery package enacted in February. Most workers started receiving the credit through small increases in their paychecks in the past month.

But new tax withholding tables issued by the IRS could cause millions of taxpayers to get hundreds of dollars more than they are entitled to under the credit, money that will have to be repaid at tax time.

How does the saying go now? Oh yeah, 'They giveth with one hand, and taketh away with the other?' Well, something like that. Y'all thought your dear leader Obama d'man was giving you a tidy little increase in your paycheck, didn't you? Silly you....you didn't really actually BELIEVE it would be that simple, now did you?

Time to wake up from your dream of obama rainbows and unicorns....cuz you're gonna have to give the money back next year. Enjoy the $13 bucks a weeks while ya got it. And, it's only going to take you about 42 weeks to have enough for a pair of shoes just like ms. angry american MO. They are kind of cool looking, don't you agree?

And, then there are the deficit and debt numbers...President Bush was able to bring the US deficit down 3 of his 8 years in office: but check out the Obama years to come.

Hey, the numbers don't lie. Looks real pretty, doesn't it? I know, I know, we gotta pay for the mess Bush got us in to somehow, right? Well, despite the recession he inherited, 9-11, stock market scandals, Hurricane Katrina and two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the unemployment rate during the Bush years averaged out to 5.27%. Hmm..Obama's numbers not lookin' too good.