Obama's 'Making Work Pay' Tax Credit...SURPRISE!!

Before you read below, check out Michelle Obama's new tennis shoes...from high end French fashion label Lavin...cost, oh, a mere $540.00. Okay, NOW read the news below. Go.

Here is part of the article: (click on title for entire story)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Millions of Americans enjoying their small windfall from President Barack Obama's "Making Work Pay" tax credit are in for an unpleasant surprise next spring.
The government is going to want some of that money back.

The tax credit is supposed to provide up to $400 to individuals and $800 to married couples as part of the massive economic recovery package enacted in February. Most workers started receiving the credit through small increases in their paychecks in the past month.

But new tax withholding tables issued by the IRS could cause millions of taxpayers to get hundreds of dollars more than they are entitled to under the credit, money that will have to be repaid at tax time.

How does the saying go now? Oh yeah, 'They giveth with one hand, and taketh away with the other?' Well, something like that. Y'all thought your dear leader Obama d'man was giving you a tidy little increase in your paycheck, didn't you? Silly you....you didn't really actually BELIEVE it would be that simple, now did you?

Time to wake up from your dream of obama rainbows and unicorns....cuz you're gonna have to give the money back next year. Enjoy the $13 bucks a weeks while ya got it. And, it's only going to take you about 42 weeks to have enough for a pair of shoes just like ms. angry american MO. They are kind of cool looking, don't you agree?

And, then there are the deficit and debt numbers...President Bush was able to bring the US deficit down 3 of his 8 years in office: but check out the Obama years to come.

Hey, the numbers don't lie. Looks real pretty, doesn't it? I know, I know, we gotta pay for the mess Bush got us in to somehow, right? Well, despite the recession he inherited, 9-11, stock market scandals, Hurricane Katrina and two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the unemployment rate during the Bush years averaged out to 5.27%. Hmm..Obama's numbers not lookin' too good.

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