Tax on Soda Pop...my, oh my

Click on title for a good laugh. After all, one can only cry so long.

Obama, Obama, Obama. "I will not raise taxes on anything...." ---Remember that?

You didn't believe him now, did you? ---You were a fool then.

They have to raise the money to pay for all his spending somehow. What did the liberals think he was going to do? Oh, never mind. Now I remember. Yes. He was just going to tax the wealthy (those making $250K or more). First off, for all you blubbering idiots...if you thought for one second he would stop there, you are my friend, a total and complete ignorant fool. Secondly, Obamassiah's spending will not stop until our country is broke and bankrupt.
Welcome to Obama World.

Better buckle up, it's going to be a long ride.......all the way down.

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