Circle Of Embrace...Fed Steals Their Land

Plans have been in the works for over four years now to build a memorial honoring the victims of Flight 93 from September 11, 2001. Flight 93 went down in a Pennsylvania field after heroic passengers took over the terrorists onboard, which resulted in the plane crashing, killing all aboard.

A couple things struck me as odd this morning when I read the article (click on title to see it). The Federal Government will be taking almost 500 acres of the 2000 acres needed for the memorial from the private landowners. Taking? I call it stealing, but anyway, from here, I was curious what this memorial was about, which led me to the National Park Service's website:


(you can read lots of lovely words used to describe what appears will be a lovely tribute) .

Hmmm. Whenever the Government is involved, things are generally not 'lovely'. So, I went looking for more, which led me to gatewaypundit's blog and a blog by the widow of a flight 93 passenger. Turns out, many are quite displeased with the design of the memorial. Reason?
The design of the memorial is strikingly similar to this:

Wikipedia says this:

The star and crescent historically was a Greek symbol, first used for the city of Byzantium in pre-Christian times and then wider in the Hellenistic world. [10] Later when they invaded the Eastern Roman Empire the Ottomans copied it and it later became associated with Islam in general, though it continued to be used by the Greeks until the final sack of Constantinople by the Turks.[11] Now its popularity among Muslims makes it comparable to the Christian cross and the Star of David. A number of Muslim-majority nations, such as Algeria, Tunisia, Comoros, Mauritania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Maldives, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and non-sovereign nations such as East Turkestan use it on their national flag.

I found the following picture. See anything similiar with the proposed memorial and the crescent/star representing Islam?

As you read further, the group of trees proposed would
represent the star, and when standing in the center, you would be facing mecca.

"This Mecca-orientation makes the giant crescent a mihrab, the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built."

Not only is the Government stealing 500 acres of private land, but they are also building a memorial that resembles the crescent and star, a symbol of Islam. Circle of embrace? I think not! Crescent of Embrace? Yes. This deserves far more attention than it is getting.

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