Obama's Socialist Health Plan

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A second element, which would raise $10 billion over 10 years, would require businesses and others who make payments to corporations to report such payments to the Internal Revenue Service. Under current law, payments to individuals are required to be reported on a 1099 form, but no such requirements exist for similar payments to corporations. The goal is to make sure that the recipient corporations report all their taxable income.

If you pay premiums to your employer for health insurance benefits....under Obama's plan you would pay taxes on the premiums you pay. Not only would you be paying for your own health insurance benefits, you would also be paying for those without health insurance.
Sweet, right? Remember when your worthless president said that those of you with health insurance could keep your insurance under his plan? The good news is, you could keep your own benefits. The bad news is ....obvious. You get to pay taxes on it to help pay for everyone else without insurance. Hahhaha. You didn't honestly believe it truly would be free, did you?WARNING...WARNING..WARNING.. SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IS COMING.

I have copied and pasted a couple comments from others regarding this story. Please read them.

"Nationalized health care does not and will not work. I lived in the UK for 18 months, so I speak from experience. A friend of ours had to wait 5 years (no exaggeration) for a tonsillectomy. Recently, the National Health Service announced it will not provide potentially life-savings drugs to cancer patients because it is too costly. So to those of you who think the government owes you anything, forget it. Socialism is nothing but a mausoleum: Looks great on the outside, but it's full of death and decay. "

"Corporations don't pay taxes - they pass all that cost on to the people. So this is a tax on all of us. Don't be fooled. Socialism does not work. The people with money that are productive will stop working and stop spending and stop hiring. Economics 101. "

Yup! What they said.

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