Obama Is Killing Our Country!

As I read the headlines these days, there is just way too much to digest at once. Obama said he would 'hit the ground running', and indeed that is exactly what he is doing. BUT, as he is spending our tax dollars with gargantuous speed, he is quietly taking away our freedoms, one slice of apple pie at a time. Why don't most people see this? Obama lovers, i.e. liberals, left winged, crunchy granola, tree hugging, new agers and global warming nut cases are so mesmerized by our worthless president that they are blinded by his actions.

Just a couple headliners as recently as of today that should make us shudder:

Tobacco tax goes into effect Wednesday, raising the tax on a single pack of cigarettes from .39c to $1.01. Loose tobacco tax increases from a little over $1.00 to a whopping $24.78!!! They would have you believe this will stop people from smoking. I call BullCRAP! They KNOW people won't quit smoking. As a matter of fact, they're betting on it! The revenues alone from this, $33 billion a YEAR, "will help fund health insurance for children". Yeah, uh-huh.

GM CEO is forced to step down. Obama says 'no more money unless you come up with a viable plan." Again, I call bullCRAP! What I see, is nationalization of our auto industry (government control). Auto warranties will be controlled by the government. The government will offer you a nice little credit for your auto if you will purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle. Come on folks, read between the lines here! It's not rocket science. It's all about control.

Muslims..Sharia Law...buying houses. The state of Minnesota has a new lending law that enables muslims to buy homes in our country according to their law...Sharia Law. Muslims are forbidden to pay interest, so MN. has come up with a lovely program in which the state will purchase homes, and in turn, sell them to muslims with zero interest. Of course, interest will be built in to the mortgage technically, duh. The bigger picture here is Muslims, NOT U.S. citizens will be owning homes in the U.S., under their law! Today Minnesota, tomorrow, all of the U.S.

Prayers. Muslim children are allowed to pull their little prayer mat out 5 times a day, go to the back of the classroom and do their chanting to Allah. BUT, an American child is NOT allowed to pray to God in class. Well, he can, but it cannot disrupt the class. Ya think the little muslim kid is not disrupting the class 5 times a day with his chanting. GET REAL!!

HR 1388. Passed in the House, Passed in the Senate, just awaiting BO's lefty signature! HR 1388 is the new GIVE Act. In other words, 'volunteer service'. Volunteer? Maybe for today. Trust me, now that it has passed, more power to the government, volunteer will turn in to mandatory!

Look this stuff up. It is happening right now, today. Depending on the poll you believe, between 52-64% of stupid Americans think Obama is doing an Oh, Fantastic, wonderful job!!!!
Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.


ReligiousVomit said...

In regards to the smoking tax. I am a smoker and don't agree with the tax, but, the numbers speak for themselves. More people have quit smoking since the price has risen. They are more healthy now because of it. So what's the big deal? I don't agree that tax money should go to healthcare for children though, that sends a messed up message of, you should smoke so your kids get healthcare, but that is more of a political thing than anything.

In regards to the nationalization of the auto industry. It will never happen. Obama is a capitalist too. Otherwise he wouldn't have been able to write a couple of books and SELL THEM! As far as tax credits for having more fuel efficient vehicles goes, DAMN RIGHT! We as a nation have been far too dependent on oil for far too long and the auto industry has done nothing but exacerbate that problem for about a hundred years now. We need to break away from oil. If we can do that, then we won't have a beef with muslim nations anymore and they can have their sandtrap all to themselves. Oil and religious artifacts and ideals have been the only reasons anyone would ever want to invade, conquer and pillage the Middle East. And that's what those people hate us for. It's not the propaganda of them not liking our liberties and freedoms, it's because we stick our big nose in their business and try to control what they do. DUH! So by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, those problems, mark my words, will seem to go away overnight.

Prayer in school. There should be NO PRAYER IN SCHOOL. There should be no mention of GOD in our schools, nor our money, nor in our constitution. But what did people know 230 years ago when they wrote it? Not as much as we know now. Do you think those people, had they lived in modern times or were able to view the future, would have put God into the constitution if they could have seen all the crap that it would lead to? I doubt it. So Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Mormon, whatever you call yourself, leave the prayer for your own time. Not the taxpayer's.

Anonymous said...

BUT, the Muslims are allowed to pray in school...5 times a day. They can get their little prayer rug out, go to the back of the classroom and pray. We as christians, should be allowed the same freedom, yes?

Oil? Do you have any ideas how many products are byproducts of oil? Toothpaste for example. Tires! Tires would still be necessary to run the little cars Obama is pushing people to buy.

Capitalism. Obama appears to be in favor of it. I don't believe for a second that he truly is. Yes, he wrote two books. Big deal. The sales lined his pocket, got his 'story' out...great campaign advertising.

ReligiousVomit said...

I don't believe even Christians should be allowed to pray in public schools, let alone muslims or anyone else for that matter. They never let me set up a satanic altar and sacrifice a virgin swine in school either, but it doesn't mean I couldn't do it on MY OWN TIME. Keep ALL religion out of schools is my point.

In regards to oil. Yes, a lot of other products come from oil, but the main source of consumption is being burned up by our cars, trucks, SUV's, airplanes and various other gas guzzling machines. Recycling can also help to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. If we could keep our consumption down to levels that are sustainable by our own oil resources, we wouldn't need anything from the Middle East. We have plenty of our own oil. But then what happens when we run out of our own supply? We go back to the Middle East. So it's been a long standing tactic, started by the British, to go in and get that oil and use up their supplies before we really ever need to touch our own. Then in the future after all the petrol has been sucked out of their sand, they won't have jack squat and America will be the true SOLE superpower in the world. Or at least that's the way the line of thinking seems to have been developed. Nevermind the fact that it is possible to make all those products from alternate sources. For example, oil and fuel could be made from hemp. Tires could be made out of some new product that is environmentaly friendly. Everything needs to be reevaluated and the time to do that is NOW. So the reinvestment that Obama is making in alternative fuel sources and technology should give us a boost in the right direction.

As far as Obama and being a "socialist" is concerned. I believe your fears are unfounded and paranoid. We are already a psuedo-socialist-democracy. Our police departments, fire departments, public schools, libraries, etc. are socialistic institutions. Duh! The only thing I think Obama wants to socialize is the healthcare needs of the nation. Because without it, we are forever doomed to a crippled economy because people can't afford anything other than their own medical bills which leads to poorer health and an early grave. Check the statistics on it. You'll find that I'm right.

ReligiousVomit said...

P.S. Plus your capitalistic corporate employers would be able to spend less on healthcare and pay their employee more. Hmm... a novel concept. It costs a lot of money for a company to carry health insurance for its employees and if that cost were not there.... imagine the possibilities. I don't think people would mind paying an extra 3% in taxes for that kind of benefit. You need to stop watching Fox news and listening to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. They are rotting your brain and crushing your soul.