Food Lines In Tennessee

Click on title for an interesting short video

Don't believe for a minute that all is well with our economy. Families standing in line for food right here in our country...these are not lazy leaches...they are average Americans who have lost their jobs and/or can no longer afford to buy milk AND gas for their families. Please look at the video.

When the price of oil goes up, prices at the pump go up. When the price of oil goes down....prices at the pump still go up. Does it make sense to you?

The stock market goes down 400 in one day, up 100 the next...another 70 the following day.
And the media continues to paint a somewhat rosy picture.

I believe the real truth is being kept from us. There's nothing rosy at all about our economy. 1 in 43 houses across our nation are in foreclosure. Gas is over $4.00/gallon with no relief in sight. Now, with the awful flooding in the midwest, expect food prices to rise even more. And, if we see one major hurricaine this year, everything skyrockets.

Everyone is watching the Presidential election...Obama or McCain? The young charismatic inexperienced guy, or the old, boring experienced one? No good choices in my opinion. Yet the more important issues such as our collapsing economy are being overshadowed because the buzz is all about Obama and McCain.

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