Jack A** Trail

The road in front of us as we started out...dry and sunny

And then this. End of the road for us.

Yesterday we took a drive to Ahtanum. Beautiful day, sunny and warm. We met up with a couple guys who were camping for the weekend. They had four wheelers and asked if we wanted to ride up Jack Ass Trail with them. So away we went. You can tell from the first picture everything looked great. But, as we got further up the mountain into higher altitude, the dirt road was wet from snow runoff....then we ran into 'the snow'. You would think from looking at the picture that it should have been no problem for us to plow through, right? After all, our jeep is 4 wheel drive, has great tires on it, and an even better driver at the wheel.

Pictures don't always tell the whole story, because the snow was saturated with water, and very slushy. You can see our tracks as we attempted to 'plow' through it, but to no avail. The four wheelers had no problem.....we, on the other hand, ended up having to back down the way we came...there was no place to turn around with the mountain on one side and a drop off on the other.

It was fun anyway just to get out! I did learn however, that riding in the jeep for a couple hours with my knee got pretty painful....so when we got home, I took a hot shower and had a Malibu martini with two olives.

This whole knee thing has turned in to a major pain in the A**!

Oh Yes!! And....Yet another use for duct tape. A cup holder!!!
Works pretty sweet.

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