Go to the mall, don't spend a dime, earn $12.00

We've had visitors the last couple days. My brother, niece and granddaughter started out on a road trip from Colorado and their first stop...Dallas.

While it's wonderful to see family, to have two 14 year old girls around is an experience all its own. Either today's teenagers are much different than when I was their age, or the world has changed. I think it's the latter.

Did you know if you put two 14 year olds in the same room together, each with a cell phone, they will actually text to each other instead of talking? Seriously.

Whatever happened to reading books or going for a walk, conversing with others, looking at the scenery? These girls are on a road trip for the next two weeks and the only thing they want to do is text.....and shop.

Yesterday, we considered going to Six Flags, but with the temperatures in triple digits, we decided it would be a waste of money because 'they' (the girls) would be complaining about the heat in an hour...so, my brother suggested the mall. He was much too generous, or insane (I haven't decided yet)... and gave them each $150 spending money. Just decided. Insane.

Now, mall shopping, or any shopping for that matter, is one thing I absolutely hate, but away we went. While in the mall, I was singled out by a couple women and asked if I would take a few minutes and complete a survey for them. Sure, why not. I'm just following two teenagers around anyway, wishing I was home finishing my book. They asked my age. I told them. And they said 'oh, we will pay you $12.00 for taking the survey.' Sweet!

They ushered me into a room, put a headband type monitor on me, hooked me to a computer and I answered the questions, and blinked, like the computer asked. I've no idea what they were surveying and I didn't ask, but in a few minutes I was done and they handed me a check for $12.00!
Not bad for a few minutes of my time, right?
The girls? Their money was gone in less than an hour. *Poof*, just like that. Bracelets, earrings, shorts, flip flops....things they'll either not like or wear in a week's time.
They left this morning originally planning to go east to KY. and TN., but I think the traffic here spooked my brother. He's lived in Alaska for over 40 years, so he's not used to all the commotion. Change of travel plans for them. They are headed to Arizona to see Sedona, Jerome and the Grand Canyon. Hmmm. I wonder if the girls cell phones will work at the Grand Canyon?? Oh-oh.

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