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This is your carbon footprint
Going Green. It's all the rage. Today I was standing in line at the post office, and I couldn't believe it when I saw two or three signs on their counter about 'going green', and 'saving the planet.' Heck, they even sell re-usable bags you can purchase...at the post office! We've seen them in the stores. Buy the bag, use the bag, save the planet. Question. Why don't they just give us the bag if they believe so strongly in what they're pushing?  Never mind. I know the answer. Money.

Three years ago, I posted about paper vs. plastic, and glass vs. plastic.  Lots has changed since then because today everyone is riding the 'go green' wave. Take a look at this site, appropriately called treehugger.com. As you scroll through the site you'll recognize some names and organizations, most notably the EPA, Al Gore and Ashoka. Never heard of Ashoka? Van Jones is part of this nonprofit organization and the author of 'The Green Collar Economy'.  Jones also founded Green For All, another 'go green' nonprofit organization. There are some big name donors to Green for All, including Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, and the Open Society Institute. -It's about money, not saving the planet. The money flows from one non-profit to another, padding their own pockets along the way.

Today, we have 'green' banks, 'green' ad agencies, 'green' automobiles, 'green' clothing....and literally hundreds, if not thousands, 'green' nonprofit organizations.  There's lots of green to be made by forcing the rest of us to go green. It's Cap and Trade by a horse of a different color....EPA.

As for the reusable green bags- no thanks. I'll stick with the reusable plastic bag that they forced us to use over twenty years ago. --If they are truly polluting the earth, why not start by teaching children to use a waste receptacle instead of the highway.

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